Jonathan Ward, CAPA Secretary

Jonathan WardJonathan Ward was born and raised in the UK and represented the UK as a diplomat in South Africa, Singapore, the former Yugoslavia and India, before resigning and immigrating to Canada in 1992. Soon after arriving in Toronto, where he still lives, he was recruited into the Toronto Camera Club. His serious interest in wildlife photography stemmed from a visit to Kenya organized by club members in 1995. He was an early adopter of auto-focus cameras and later of digital photography. He now shoots with a full frame digital body as well as a full frame DSLR. He and his wife travel all over the world taking images but the two places most frequently visited are Southern Africa and India.

In 2003, he joined what is now the Toronto Digital Photography Club, where he eventually became the President. He continues to be a member of that club and is the mentor to 12 club photographers.

Jonathan has been a photographic judge since 2005 and became a CAPA certified judge in 2016. Since then he has judged in International Competitions for CAPA on multiple occasions as well as in CAPA competitions in Canada.

Most recently he has been the District Representative for Toronto and the GTA.

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Enjoy a selection of Jonathans’s works below.

Wood Duck High Park 21 Oct 2017
U Bein Bridge At Sunrise Mandalay 30 Jan 2020
Sharing A Phone Kolkata 27 Jan 2019
Rickshawwallah Kolkata Feb 2016
Kolkata 8 Feb 2020
Humayun's Tomb New Delhi 0085
Four Giraffes Central Kalahari April 2017
Christ The Redeemer Rio De Janiero Dec 2018
Brooklyn Bridge April 2014
Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad 7 Feb 2019

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News Item for CAPA Members

During 2019, CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) conducted an extensive Audit and Review of the CAPA accounting records. As a result of this review, CRA has determined and advised that CAPA is no longer required to Collect GST/HST on the CAPA Memberships and any related Educational Programs (ie. Judging Courses, etc.)

The discontinuance of collecting GST/HST will take effect January 01, 2020.

Len Suchan FCAPA
CAPA Treasurer

Competition Winners – 2019 Fall Open – Club – Thème Libre

1st Merit - Animal - Grant Gallant - American Kestrel Feeds
2nd Merit - Animal - Yun Wang - European Roller Catching A Snake
3rd Merit - Animal - Katherine Waybrant - A Pine Marten Moment
1st Merit Closeup - Karen Von Knobloch - Ruby Throated Hummingbird
2nd Merit - Closeup - Bill Niessen - Red Eyed Tree Frog
3rd Merit - Closeup - George Mitchell - Bee In Daisy
1st Merit - Landscape - Peter Lau - Retreat In Yunnan Rice Terraces
2nd Merit - Landscape - Lynn Fulton - Beneath The Northern Sky
3rd Merit - Landscape - Philip Chang - Light Cove
1st Merit - Person - Heather Fryer - Voices Of Change
2nd Merit - Person - Steve Donnelly - Himba Mother
3rd Merit - Person - Robert Conchie - Long Way From Home
1st Merit - Urban - Marg Foley - Looking Up
2nd Merit - Urban - Mike Hirak - Chicago
3rd Merit - Urban - Carole Duhaime - Molson Brewery
Gold Medal Caroline Lajoie DayBreak
Gold Medal Dana Wamsley Gentle Giant
Gold Medal Julie Seiler Let It Shine
Gold Medal Karen Von Knobloch Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Gold Medal Katherine Waybrant A Pine Marten Moment
Gold Medal Lynn Fulton BeneathTheNorthernSky
Silver Medal Steve Donnelly Himba Mother
Silver Medal Bill Niessen Red Eyed Tree Frog
Silver Medal Bruce Farrer Cascade Ponds
Silver Medal Bruce Lainge Oil And Water
Silver Medal Julie Hay A Grizzly Connection
Silver Medal Laurie Milne Ducks On A Log
Bronze Medal Dennis Chow Drinking The Butter Tea
Bronze Medal Janna Cheng In Love
Bronze Medal Kai Sun Law Deadly Landing
Bronze Medal Katherine Wong Serving Yak Butter Tea
Bronze Medal Percy Lo The Beauty Of Dancing
Bronze Medal Peter Lau Retreat In Yunnan Rice Terraces

Competition Winners and Awards

Gold Medal – Grand River Imaging & Photographic Society

Silver Medal – London Camera Club

Bronze Medal – The Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

  • 1st Place Merit – Animal – Grant Gallant’s image “American Kestrel feeds”
  • 2nd Place Merit – Animal – Yun Wang’s image “European roller catching a snake”
  • 3rd Place Merit – Animal – Katherine Waybrant’s image “A Pine Marten Moment”
  • 1st Place Merit – Closeup – Karen von Knobloch’s image “Ruby Throated Hummingbird”
  • 2nd Place Merit – Closeup – Bill Niessen’s image “Red Eyes Tree Frog”
  • 3rd Place Merit – Closeup – George Mitchell’s image “Bee in Daisy”
  • 1st Place Merit – Landscape – Peter Lau’s image “Return in Yunnan Rice Terraces”
  • 2nd Place Merit – Landscape – Lynn Fulton’s image “Beneath the Northern Sky”
  • 3rd Place Merit – Landscape – Philip Chang’s image “Light Cove”
  • 1st Place Merit – Person – Heather Fryer’s image “Voices of Change”
  • 2nd Place Merit – Person – Steve Donnelly’s image “Himba Mother”
  • 3rd Place Merit – Person – Robert Conchie’s image “Long Way From Home”
  • 1st Place Merit – Urban – Marg Foley’s image “Looking Up”
  • 2nd Place Merit – Urban – Mike Hirak’s image “Chicago”
  • 3rd Place Merit – Urban – Carole Duhaime’s image “Molson Brewery”

Congratulations to the winners.

Grand river Imaging and Photographic Society
Club Open Gold Medal – Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society (GRIPS) 152.5 points Left to Right: Bill Hall (CAPA District Rep),Julie Seiler, Katherine Waybrant, Karen Von Knobloch, Dana Wamsley, Jonathan Sau (CAPA Club Rep) Missing: Lynn Fulton, Caroline Lajoie
Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society
Club Open – 3rd Merit Award Animal 25.5 points Left to Right: Bill Hall (CAPA District Rep), Katherine Waybrant
Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society
Club Open – 1st Merit Award Closeup 29.5 points Left to Right: Bill Hall (CAPA District Rep), Karen Von Knobloch