Nouvelles de la Zone Québec – décembre

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Un salon de la photo au MNPD

Le salon « mon pays/my country », organisé conjointement par l’ACAP et le Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, ouvrira ses portes en janvier et promet d’être un vènement important pour la promotion de la photographie au Québec en 2020. Le vernissage aura lieu le 12 janvier à 14 h au Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, 400 rue Hériot, Drummondville Québec.

Croissance accrue du membership

La cible déclarée par la direction de la zone Québec d’atteindre 150 membres a été atteinte. La zone est présentement composée de 13 clubs répartis en trois districts ainsi que de 139 membres individuels.

Certificat d’appréciation

Un certificat d’appréciation a été remis à M. Marc Dufour, responsable du membership pour la zone du Québec, en reconnaissance de sa contribution en tant que bénévole et du support qu’il a fourni au directeur des compétitions et au directeur de l’éducation de l’ACAP. Le certificat lui a été remis le 30 novembre par le président de l’ACAP, M. Rod Trider, lors du cours de jugement en français.

Cours de jugement de l’ACAP en français.

Un premier cours de jugement en français a eu lieu grâce à la généreuse participation du club hôte l’Oeil qui voit de Saint-Hubert. Selon les commentaires positifs reçus de la part de plusieurs des 39 participants, l’évènement fut fort apprécié et un franc succès. Les personnes qui veulent s’inscrire pour devenir juge doivent contacter Michael Breakey à Un deuxième cours de jugement en français au
printemps prochain est à l’étude. D’autres informations à cet effet seront communiquées sous peu.

Québec Zone News – December

A photography exhibition at the MNPD The salon “mon pays/my country,” organized jointly by CAPA and the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, will open to the public in January and promises to be an
important event for the promotion of photography in Quebec in 2020. The opening ceremony will take place on 12 January at 2 PM at the Musée national de la photographie Desjardins, 400 rue Hériot, Drummondville Québec.

Increased membership

The declared objective by the Quebec zone direction to reach 150 members has been reached. The Zone is now composed of 13 clubs distributed in three districts as well as 139 individual members.

Certificate of Appreciation

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mr. Marc Dufour, responsible for Quebec Zone membership, for his outstanding services and contribution as a volunteer and for his support to the CAPA competitions
director and the CAPA education director. The Certificate was presented to him on 30 November by CAPA President Mr. Rod Trider during the French judging course.

CAPA hosts a first French judging course.

A first judging course in French took place thanks to the generous participation of the host-club l’Oeil qui voit of Saint-Hubert. From the positive comments coming from several of the 39 participants, it appears the
event was well received and appreciated. Those wishing to register to become judges must contact Michael Breakey at A second French language judging course is being considered for next Spring. Further information in this regard will be communicated soon.

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CAPA awards to London Camera Club

On December 5th Gerry Alger – C.A.P.A. District Rep. for Southwestern Ontario, Area 1 – presented awards to members of the London Camera Club.

Pia-O’Leary and Gerry-Alger
Mary Chambers and Gerry-Alger
Steve Donnelly and Gerry-Alger
Dave Peel and Gerry Alger

The following were award winners from the October 15 Nature/Wildlife Individual Competition held October 15:

  • Mary Chambers – Second Merit Award – ‘Nature Hanging Bat’ – 29.5 (tied for highest score in the competition) Mary was also awarded the 1st Honorable Mention for her four-image portfolio.
  • David Peel – Third Merit Award – Nature – ‘Eurasian Eagle Owl’ – 29.0 (second highest score in the competition)
  • Pia O’Leary – Honourable mention for her Four-image portfolio.
  • The London Camera Club received the 1st Honorable Mention for its six-image portfolio submitted into the Nature/Wildlife Competition. London Camera Club Member, Rob Patterson was awarded, in his absence, the Second Merit Award – Landscape – for his image Aurora on Pontoon Lake.

London Camera Club member, Steve Donnelly, was awarded C.A.P.A’s Excellence in Photography medal for his Best In Show image at Southwestern Ontario’s Western Fair 2019. Steve’s Image, ‘Himba Woman in Smoke Bath’ was judged best of more than 800 images. This was Steve’s third Best In Show wins in as many years.

Rob Patterson – Aurora at pontoon Lake (2nd place Merit award)
Himba Woman Smoke Bath by Steve Donnelly (Best in Show – Western Fair 2019)
Eurasian Eagle Owl by David Peel (3rd merit-Nature)
Hanging Bat by Mary Chambers (2nd Merit Nature)

New Club in Nova Scotia

Victoria Falls
Victoria Park Falls by Tom Gallant, Taken at Joseph Howe Falls in Truro, Nova Scotia

CAPA Welcomes New Club in Nova Scotia

By: Tom Gallant, DR, Eastern Nova Scotia

The Scotsburn-Northumberland Amateur Photography Society (SNAPS) has become the first club in Eastern Nova Scotia to join CAPA. SNAPS has been in existence since 2012. SNAPS was started by two newcomers to the area, Dave and Christine Hache, both photographers; Dave coming from New Brunswick and Christine from Truro, Nova Scotia. The club started in Scotsburn, the home of Scotsburn Milk and Ice Cream, with just over 10 members. There are presently 30 registered members and 750 listed as members of their Facebook page. The members come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including: doctors, nurses, educators, business people and many others from the two-dozen communities in Pictou County. The majority of the membership of the club resides in New Glasgow and Pictou, with the population of Pictou County approximating 55,000 people.

SNAPS represents a group of photographers who are more than willing to give of their time to help all members regardless of their skill level. There is a very low cost for membership. The rate is $10.00 per year, and $2.00 per meeting, which happens the first Wednesday of each month, at the Northumberland Regional High School in Alma, a small community in Pictou County. The low membership fee was put in place to attract everybody who has a desire to learn or improve their photography.

Tatamagouche Bridge by Tom Gallant
Taken at Tatamagouche , a community 30 minutes from Pictou, N.S.

At regular monthly meetings, members can showcase their work, through digital presentations, partake in workshops given by outside presenters and inside from skilled club photographers. As well, the club members have the opportunity to get together as a group on field-trips to photograph the beautiful scenery of Nova Scotia (see attached samples). These field trips happen on a monthly basis. At least once per year, the club has an exhibition in one of the County venues, where any member can showcase their work to the public. In addition, one of the senior club members, Dr. Gerry Farrell, has given up space at the Aberdeen Hospital’s “Art on the Wall,” where he has traditionally showcased his work, to SNAPS members where they can showcase and sell their own work. Part of the proceeds of sales goes to the hospital foundation. The remainder goes to the artists. As a gesture of community spirit, some members of the club volunteer, in order to enhance their photographic profile, and cover events of non-profit community organizations. Their photos are given to these organizations to be used for publicity. All of the activities that SNAPS undertakes is done in a relaxed fun way, with no pressure.

Becoming a CAPA member will allow club members to compete at a regional and national level, have their work adjudicated by professional and certified judges, and to become a certified judge themselves, if they choose to do so, and be involved in regional and national seminars, and workshops.

You can obtain more information about SNAPS on Facebook at: SNAPS (Scotsburn-Northumberland Amateur Photography Society).