New Pacific Zone Director

We are sad to see Dennis Ducklow leave  his position as Pacific Zone Director. Thank you Dennis for your work on the CAPA board.

Please welcome Lynda Miller as she steps into her new role as Pacific Zone Director, effective January 1, 2018. Lynda’s first real photo experience was at Okanagan Photographic Art Workshops in 2002,  That fall, she joined the Central Okanagan Photographic Society.  From this beginning, to a few years later, Lynda became the President of COPS.  Lynda has made numerous presentations at clubs and workshops in the Okanagan and the Lower-mainland.  She recently became a certified CAPA judge.

Lynda has been the District Representative for the Central Interior District of the Pacific Zone of CAPA for seven years.






Error in CC Winter Issue

Our apologies, it appears we have published the 2016 competition results, not the 2017 competition results, in the winter issue of Canadian Camera. You can view the 2017  club winners  here  and individual winners here.

Competition Winners – 2017 Photo Journalism – Club

Gold Medal - Lois DeEll- Age Does Not Matter
Gold Medal - Racine Erland - The Bridal Shoot Racine Erland
Gold Bob Skelton Crisis In Kashgar Bob Skelton
Gold Medal - Cim MacDonald - The Dowry
Gold Medal - Willie Harvie - Two Hats
Gold Medal - Tony Paine - Total Eclipse August 21 2017
Silver Medal - Dean Hirtle - Air Force Precision
Silver Medal - Fred Greene - MotoCross In Mud
Silver Medal - Joyce SK Chew - C2 Duo Paddles For Gate
Silver Medal - Laszlo Podor - Shooting
Silver Medal - Marg Nolen - No Backing Up
Silver Medal - Viki Gaul - Loosing His Grip
Bronze Medal - Frankie Chan - Dragon Boat Racing
Bronze Medal - Harvey Ash - No One But You
Bronze Medal - Grant Dale - Street Musician
Bronze Medal - Julie Brocca - Playing On Queen Street
Bronze Medal - Katherine Wong - Courtship Race In Mongolia
Bronze Medal - Rhonda Starr - Signs Of The Time
1st Place Merit Ribbon - Amir El Etr - Maple Spring Protest
Merit 2 Bob Skelton Crisis In Kashgar Bob Skelton
3rd Place Merit Ribbon - Frankie Chan - Dragon Boat Racing



Cowichan Valley Camera Club won the gold medal in the Photo Journalism Club Fall 2017 competition, not the Montreal Camera Club as reported on Page 29 of the 2018 Spring issue of Canadian Camera magazine. 

Competitions Winners & Awards

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awardtrillum photographic Club

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the host – CAPA Director of Competitions.

Cowichan Valley Camera Club – Awarded Gold Medal for the Photo Journalism Competition. Left to right: Tony Paine, Cim MacDonald (CAPA Representative), Lois DeEll, Wilma (Willie) Harvie, and Bob Skelton.
Bob was also awarded the 2nd place Merit Award Ribbon for his image “Crisis in Kashgar.”

Burnaby Photographic Showcase

For the 22nd year the Burnaby Photographic Society is presenting an evening of images set to music, designed to entertain friends, family and fellow photography enthusiasts while demonstrating the talents and skills of their members.

Showcase will sweep you off to exotic places and cultures, and bring you up close to wildlife, fine art, humourous situations, and visual surprises.

Tickets come with a chance to win valuable door prizes. Also, the free print display in the Shadbolt Centre’s lobby will run all week from Sunday afternoon, January 21st through Saturday, January 27th.

Sheena Wilkie Leaving

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Sheena Wilkie will be leaving her positions with CAPA, effective December 31, 2017. Sheena has been a mainstay of CAPA for the past ten years, serving as Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Camera Magazine and in many other capacities. She was on the organizing committee as Communications Chair for the Vancouver Canadian Camera Conference, CAPA Photo Expo, in 2015.

More recently, Sheena took on the New CAPA Website, bringing this complex project to its completion with the successful launch in early May 2017. She has served as Web Manager since, ensuring that issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently, and that our members were looked after if there were questions about logging in or using the website.

Members of the CAPA Directors and National Council will especially miss her organizational knowledge, expertise and insight. In the words of our President, Rod Trider:

I am personally saddened to see her go, especially after having the opportunity to work so closely with her the last two years on the new web site. Her thoughtful input, understanding of our organization and of course sense of humor will be greatly missed. I wish her well in any new endeavour and adventure she takes on in the future.

And as with all good editors, Sheena gets the last word:

Thank you all for the fun and friendship. I have enjoyed my ten years volunteering for CAPA, and my work as Editor and most recently Web Manager. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. I feel like we’re family after all these years. But the time has come for a change, I am eager for new experiences.  In the new year I look forward to spending more time with my family, traveling, and focusing on my own artistic endeavors, both in photography and in the art world. You will see me around the photography club circuit, and I will continue to be a CAPA member and supporter of CAPA.

Photoshop @ Abbotsford Photo Arts Club

Photoshop Techniques Workshop with Peter Levey on  January 27, 2018

Join avid educator Peter Levey for ideas, techniques, and tips to improve your images in Photoshop and other post production programs.

This full day workshop will assist you in achieving that WOW factor from your images

  • Layers, Masking & Blending
  • Advanced Selection Techniques
  • Repair tools including Spot Healing, Patch Tool, Content-aware Move Tool.
  • Intelligent Upsampling without the need for Plugins for upscaling smaller images
  • Image Merge – Panorama and HDR using RAW files

This workshop is suitable to photographers at any stage of their journey – from totally newbie to fully experienced enthusiast.

Registration is limited to 60 photographers to ensure to ensure a personal and interactive learning experience. The fee for the day is only $59 for pre-registration and $65.00 at the door (cash only).

The workshop will be held in the Community Services facility, 2nd floor of the Center Ice complex, 3600 Townline Rd, Abbotsford, BC.  (Corner of Townline Rd and Blue Ridge Drive).

More information and to register visit:  Peter Levey Workshop

Best in Show

In one of his first duties as Southwest Ontario District Representative, Gerry Alger presents a CAPA medal to Steve Donnelly. Steve won Best In Show at the Western Fair Photo Competition which received just under 800 print entries. Gerry and Steve are both members of the London (Ontario) Camera Club.


Competition Winners – 2017 Nature – Individuals

Gold Medal - Mary Chambers - Cheetah Chase
Gold Medal - Mary Chambers - Leopard In Tree
Gold Medal - Mary Chambers - Wildebeest Leap
Gold Medal - Mary Chambers -  The Observer
Silver Medal - Norm Dougan - Foggy Bugle
Silver Medal - Norm Dougan - Shady Roost
Silver Medal - Norm Dougan - Western Tanager
Silver Medal - Norm Dougan - Pileated Woodpecker
Bronze Medal - Ilana Block - European Bee Eaters
Bronze Medal - Ilana Block - Common Tern Feeding Baby
Bronze Medal - Ilana Block - Female Anhinga And Fish
Bronze Medal - Ilana Block - Chukar Drinking
1st Place Merit Award - Pat Zuest - Grizzly Bear Juvenile Fighting
2nd Place Merit Award - Robert Parker - A Fine Catch CAPA
3rd Place Merit Award -Mary Chambers - Wildebeest Leap
1st Place Botany Award - John Lyon - Renewal

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Mary Chambers

Silver Medal – Norman Dougan

Bronze Medal – Ilana Block

Honourable Mention:

  • Robert Parker
  • Bruce Carmody
  • Gary Zeng
  • Missy Mandel
  • David Lindey
  • Mike Wooding
  • Leah Gray
  • Murray Oneill
  • Barbara Marszalek

Merit Awards:

  • 1st Place – Pat Zuest
  • 2nd Place – Robert Parker
  • 3rd Place – Mary Chambers

Botany Award:

  • John Lyon

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the hosting club – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Competition Winners – 2017 Photo Journalism – Individuals

Gold Medal - Yung Niem -
Gold Medal - Yung - Niem Hamelin -
Gold Medal - Yung Niem -
Gold Medal - Yung Niem -
Silver Medal - William Dai -
Silver Medal - William Dai -
Silver Medal - William Dai -
Silver Medal - William Dai -
Bronze Medal - Robert Parker Agony Of Defeat Capa
Bronze Medal - Robert Parker Defeated
Bronze Medal - Robert Parker Drained Of Emotion Capa
Bronze Medal - Robert Parker Essence Of Victory Capa
1st Place Merit Award - Jim Hatch -
2nd Place Merit Award - Yung Niem -
3rd Place Merit Award - Yung Niem -

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal – Yung Niem

Silver Medal – William Dai

Bronze Medal – Robert Parker

Honourable Mention

  • Janet Slater
  • Phil Norton
  • Gail Mager
  • Wendy Royer
  • David Bellerive
  • Henry Schnell

Merit Awards:

  • 1st Place – Jim Hatch (Langley Camera Club) – “Flood Season”
  • 2nd Place – Yung Niem (Richmond Hill Camera Club) – “Hamelin at ISU Short Track”
  • 3rd Place – Yung Niem (Richmond Hill Camera Club) – “Federa at Rogers Cub”

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the hosting club – Director of Competitions

Photograph of Jim Hatch receiving his 1st Place Merit Award Gold Medal for the 2017 Photo Journalism ‘Individual’ Competition from Kasandra Sproson (President of the Langley Camera Club).

Competition Winners – 2017 Nature – Club

Gold - Betty Chan - Hyenas Feasting
Gold - Janet Balon - Great Grey Owl
Gold - Kala Lakhani - Eagle's Determination
Gold - Nicholas Tian - Two Bald Eagles And An American Shad
Gold - Rob Kline - Kings On The March South Georgia Island
Gold - Ron Goodlin - The Long Journey King Penguin Chicks South Georgia Island
Silver - Philip Chang - Attack From Back
Silver - Wei He - Lions Hunting
Silver - Sarah Hei - The Blue Serenity
Silver - Yongle Chen - Mt Seceda
Silver - Yun Wang - Flamingo Landing
Silver - Zhiwen Li - No Escape
Bronze - Bryan Urquhart - Female Blue Bird
Bronze - Christine Lowden - Crossed Words
Bronze - Herman Ouwersloot - Sulphur
Bronze - Judy Flint - Hummingbird At Flower
Bronze - Kave Van De Laar - Belted Kingfisher
Bronze - Randy Lowden - Barn Swallow
Botany #1 - Hugh McKervill - Back Yard Mushroom
Botany #2 - Marion Sensen - Ahinahina Plant
Merit #1 - Viki Gaul - Great Blue Heron And His Catch
Merit #2 - Laurie Milne - Would You Like Flies With That
Merit #3 David Seldon Heron With Fish

Competition Winners & Awards

Gold Medal- Richmond Hill Camera Club

Silver Medal – Jiahua Elite Photography Association

Bronze Medal – St. Catharines Photographic Club

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

Botany Awards:

  • 1st Place – Hugh McKevill (Atlantic Lighthouse Photo Group) – “Backyard Mushroom”
  • 2nd Place – Marion Sensen (Atlantic Lighthouse Photo Group) – “Ahinahina Plant”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the hosting club – Richmond Hill Camera Club

Richmond Hill Camera Club associate CAPA club rep, Isabel Kelly receiving Nature Gold Medal from Club Host Chairperson Lance Gitter


Richmond Hill Camera Club members (from left to right): Ron Goodlin, Kala Lakhani & Rob Kline, 3 of the 6 photographers receive Gold Certificates from CAPA associate Club Rep Isabel Kelly

Latow Audio Visual Festival

The Latow International Audio Visual Festival is unique in this area and is the highlight of the year in the AV community. Images are presented on a theatre-size screen with audio soundtracks presented in surround sound in a unique international exhibition using the AV medium. It’s a premier showcase to see an exciting display of photography on different topics, using different audio-visual techniques to tell a story or to show off an artistic vision. A great evening for photographers, other visual artists, and those who simply appreciate a good entertaining show.

Saturday, 14 April 2018, 7:00pm to ~ 9:00

For more information about the festival or to submit an entry please visit:

Pacific Print Challenge

CAPA Clubs in the Pacfic Zone  are invited to participate in the  Pacific Zone Print Challenge 2018.
Closing Date for entries  7:00 p.m. Friday 09 February 2018

Judging: Saturday 17 February 2018, 12:30 pm – Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship 1160 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam BC V3B SV8
Open to the Public  – $5.00 per person

Display of Prints by The Darkroom Group

Winners will receive:
CAPA medals for photographers- first, second, third place and Honour Award certificates.
CAPA medals for Clubs first, second, third place.
Rules and entry forms will be emailed to all Pacific Zone CAPA Clubs in November 2017.

For additional information please contact Judy Higham

Canada: My Country – Canada: Mon Pays

SILVER - Frederic Hore - Celebrating Canada Day
BRONZE - Ted Akin - Sky Celebrations
HONOUR - Michael Winsor - Ferryland Iceberg
HONOUR - Angeline Haslett - Following Cultural Paths
Bronze Randy Lowden Barn Swallow

Continue reading “Canada: My Country – Canada: Mon Pays”

December 2017

Our monthly Competition Update webpage is aimed at providing all CAPA members and camera clubs with timely information relating to our competitions.

For this month, I have included information below under the appropriate title.


Disqualifying Of Competition Image

For the Fall 2017 competitions, a number of submitted images have been disqualified for a variety of reasons.

It is critical that you read all the details of the competition and the CAPA Eligibility Criteria prior to entering a CAPA competition. Do not assume by the competition title that your images will be automatically accepted into the competition.

If you have questions about whether your images will be accepted or not, please email the respective Competition Host. It is the responsibility of the Competition Host to review all submitted images, prior to them being presented on the ‘day-of-judging.’   Only images which meet the competition details and CAPA Eligibility Criteria will be presented to the judges.

Here are some of the reasons why images were disqualified in our Fall 2017 competitions:

– same image entered in both the “Individual” and “Club” competitions
– human element was contained in a Nature competition submission
– exceeding the restricted editing criteria
– watermark on the image
– image did not fall within the scope of the competition


CAPA Eligibility Criteria Updates

 As we gain more experience with our new online competition system and remote judging, the CAPA Eligibility Criteria will be updated.

The recent updates to the CAPA Eligibility Criteria are outlined below with the associated rationale:

By virtue of submitting an image, the photographer agrees that:

9 – they will NOT enter an identical or simultaneously the same images or one that is substantially the same in both the ‘individual‘ and ‘club‘ components of a CAPA competition;

Rationale: We are finding incidents where two images were taken moments apart with one being entered in the ‘Individual’ and ‘Club’ competitions. The best of the two image should be entered in one of the competition not both.

Acceptable Filenames And Titles – have been included at the bottom of the Eligibility Criteria webpage and includes examples.  In addition, the same information has been added to the respective Competition Submission page.

These new changes to the Eligibility Criteria do not take effect until January 1, 2018. Check out the CAPA Eligibility Criteria here.


Posted Competition Results

The following webpages have been updated to included the results from the Nature, Fine Art and Print competitions:


Winners – IndividualCHECK OUT WEBPAGE HERE


Uploaded CAPA Medal Presentations

For our new website, we have commenced a process of photographing the CAPA medal presentation being made to medal winners. Images are added to the bottom of the respective competition found in the Winners – Club or Winners – Individual webpage.

Some recent presentations can be found on the following webpages:

‘4 Nations’ Competition – photograph of Rachel Schneiderman and Campbell Hasting receiving their Gold Medal – CHECK OUT WEBPAGE HERE
Fine Art – Club Competition Bronze medal presentation to the Langley Camera Club – CHECK OUT WEBPAGE HERE

Coordinator Volunteer Opportunity

CAPA is looking for a Coordinator for the brand new Photo Critique Forums. The software for the online Photo Critique Forums is set up, and we have about six volunteers in place. What we need is someone who can organize the volunteers and the activity. The Forums need an FAQ, guidelines, and instructions for use.

The volunteer will have an individual membership in CAPA and is able to devote 2 or more hours a week (initially, will be less after launch). The Photo Critique Forums Coordinator can communicate well in writing, and has good  interpersonal skills and general computer skills, as well as being Internet savvy. (The Photo Critique Forum Coordinator does not need to know programing or web development.) We need the forums to be launched to the membership by December 1.

The forums are going to be an exciting addition to the services we offer CAPA members, but it needs a champion!

If this person is you, or someone you know, please get in touch with Sheena at

The Call of the Loon By Mark Lachovsky

Loon With Baby
Loon With Baby
Loon With Baby
Loon Spreading Wings
Loon On The Move
Loon On Nest
Loon Flying
Loon Family
Loon Family
Loon Family With Heron
Loon Dance
Loon Dance
Loon Dance

When call of the Loon breaks my early morning sleep I know it is time to pop out of bed, grab a snack, some water and my camera. The kayak is waiting for me on the dock as I slowly slip it into the water and head off in search of the sound makers.

I am fortunate to have a house on a lake that welcomes Loons every summer. For the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to spend dozens of hours and captured many thousands of frames of these stunning creatures.

Sliding silently through the water allowed me to observe and capture Loons in various acts of natural behavior. A rare opportunity to live through my own personal nature show.

I have observed a pair of adults nesting and caring for their kids; fighting among rival unwelcome visitors;  one day old babies taking their first swim, being fed by their parents and losing their fuzz on the way to adulthood. I’ve also shared sad moments like when an adult had a fishing hook embedded in its beak and when the couple lost a baby and were crying as they desperately searched everywhere for it.

More importantly I am grateful that they invited me into the family to observe, share and capture some amazing moments with them.

These images included include a variety of the scenes I captured over the years, I hope you enjoy them.


About Mark

Mark Lachovsky is a self-taught photographer. Born in Montreal, where he has lived all his life, Mark’s first experience with photography was in high school working on the year book. Moving through university, he gained further experience working in various areas including freelance work with music magazines and University newspapers, writing and taking pictures.

Over the years Mark’s interest focused more on the beauty that nature has to offer. After, waiting for digital technology to improve to a level closer to that of slide film, Mark finally jumped into the digital world. Though there are positives and negatives to digital technology, the positives now outweigh the negatives particularly in terms of speed and flexibility.

Within the scope of nature, areas of interest include African wildlife, birds and the world beneath the oceans. Multiple visits to Africa provided opportunities to view a stunning variety of wildlife up close in their natural habitat. Mark has had the opportunity to photograph in other locations while traveling but spends a lot of time shooting wildlife in the Montreal area. In summers Mark is often out in his kayak in the early mornings looks for the many local or migratory species to capture.

Other areas of interest include portraits of people (particularly in Africa), underwater and landscapes.

“The key in making images that stand out is capturing the essence of the subject. Ideally with warm light on the subject, eye contact, an unusual angle or expression and freezing that special moment in time allows for the viewer to be part of the experience.”

To view more of Mark’s work please visit:

124th Toronto Photography Salon

The Toronto Camera Club presents The124th Toronto International Salon of Photography

Submission Closing date is  November 04, 2017 @Midnight,(Gmt-5)

For more information please visit:Salon.Torontocameraclub.Com

Technical difficulties resolved

Thanks for your patience with the recent difficulties in accessing the submissions link for competitions. This situation is resolved but if you have any questions or are experiencing problems using the website please contact Sheena at


Photograph the BC Lions with CAPA

Photograph the BC Lions

Come early for your chance to photograph the BC Lions during the pregame session. Special arrangements have been made for photographers to bring lenses up to 200mm. Must be prepaid by October 4. For more information, email CAPA Pacific Zone Director Dennis Ducklow.

Pioneer in Photography

George Brybycin Receives CAPA Excellence in Photography Medal

George Brybycin was a Canadian photographer and mountaineer whose pioneering contribution to the visual heritage and ecology of the Canadian Rockies is worthy of national recognition. George had been nicknamed the ‘Ansel Adams of the Canadian Rockies.’

George devoted his life to photographing mountains, resulting in a prolific historical record of everything from the majestic valleys to the heavenly peaks of the Canadian Rockies. George’s determination, mental and physical stamina – at times taking great personal risk sleeping on mountaintops in sub-zero temperatures to capture sunrise and sunset shots, will likely never be surpassed!

George was a humble man who has self-published fifty-six books. He was not driven by riches but by the pursuit of his love of photography, and mountaineering; and his passion for nature, wildlife, and the ecology. His books are how he shares this love with others.

George Brybycin (left) was awarded CAPA’s Excellence in Photography medal by Michael Squance (Club President) at the Calgary Camera Club’s annual general meeting on May 24.  Sadly George passed away in June. You can read more about George is this tribute to him .