Red River Exhibition Hosts CAPA Print Competition

This competition is open to all CAPA members and CAPA Clubs. The competition closes on – October 30, 2017 at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

For more information on this competition please visit the Competition Section of our website.


October 2017 – Competition Updates



Each month, I will create a new Competitions Updates webpage and include new details which has been received since our last update.


The purpose of this Competitions Updates webpage is to:

1) encourage CAPA members and camera clubs to participate in one or more of our competitions
2) notify everyone when the details of a competition have been changed and outline the rationale for doing so
3) advise that competition results have been received and have been posted on our CAPA website
4) provide clarification and updates on the competition processes
5) advise of a new sponsor for one of our competitions


You are encouraged to send me your questions about any aspect of our CAPA competitions and I will send you back a timely response.  To ensure consistency and avoid misinterpretations, I will post the questions and my responses in a forthcoming Competitions Update.  


My aim is to make the competition process as transparent as possible and thereby increase your interest in submitting images to one of our competitions.  



I encourage all Camera Clubs and CAPA members to consider submitting and supporting this Open Print Competition.  Don Bertham sent us the following power to stimulate interest in participating in this competition.  Check out the details of this competition here.



For October, we have three competitions.  I have listed below with a hyperlink to each competition page:

Fall 2017 Fine Art Competition

Fall 2017 Nature Competition

Fall 2017 Open Print Competition

In November, we have our new Photo Journalism Competition. Check out the details about this competition here.

As with any type of competition, it is important that you read and comply with all details contained within each competition webpage prior to submitting any images.

If you have any questions or concerns about uploading images for any of our competitions, please email me at



A hyperlink to our How To Upload Images To CAPA Competition instructions has been included on every competition pages under the title of How To Enter Competition. You can check out this webpage here

Our new online competition system has simplified the process for uploading images to a CAPA competition.  We encourage you test the uploading image feature.



We have just posted plans for creating your own photo competition shipping container.  Check out the details here.



As we receive confirmation of competition sponsors, I will update this webpage and the corresponding competition page. 

2018 – Audit Visual Presentation Competition

Photodex is provide a copy of their new Pro Show 9 Producer (Professional Video Slideshows) application for the Gold Medal winners for the CAPA Individual & Camera Club competitions.  Check out this competition here.

2018 – Annual Photo Challenge Competition 

Adobe Corporation has announced that they are proud to continue their sponsorship of our 2018 Annual Photo Challenge Competition


Our Guideline For Judging A CAPA Competition document has been updated to include CAPA’s new Competition Standards.   This document is provided to all camera clubs hosting a CAPA competition and to all individuals who will be judging a CAPA competition.  As required the document will be updated.

I encourage you to review out current Guideline For Judging A CAPA Competition document to obtain a better understanding of the competition process forward me any questions or suggestions to enhance the competition process. 



I have received the following questions and provided the corresponding responses.  CAPA Competition Standards will be changed if questions raised points to deficiencies in our processes.

Question: For a submission of an image for a CAPA competition, is there a time limit when the photograph has to be taken?  

Response: There is no time limit on when you took the photograph.  If issue becomes a concern then CAPA may review the necessity of re-introducing the time limitation.

Question: Am I correct in assuming that this year there will no longer be a Wildlife or Portrait Club competition? Or will these be held if a host club comes forth?

Response:  In March and April of this year, I put out request to all camera clubs seeking clubs to host one of the 2017 – 2018 competition.  Unfortunately, there were not club willing to host these two competitions.

If a host becomes available then these competitions will be re-introduced and everyone will be advised accordingly.

Question: Are Square crops allowed in the Closeup competition? The rules state that cropping is not allowed to simulate a macro/closeup image, but what if the individual composed the closeup image with the intention of cropping it to the square format?

Response: Yes, the image can be cropped to a square provided that the cropping is not used to simulate a macro/closeup image.  The potential winning images of this competition will be closely examined to ensure cropping simulate has not been used.

Question: With remote judging, are the judges going to declare their club affiliation to eliminate any appearance (real or imagined) of bias? 

In the past, host clubs were allowed to compete as long as judges external to the club were used. Ie. Presumably if the Foothills club hosted a Nature competition, they could not use judges from Etobicoke, Victoria CC, or London CC if those clubs had entries.

Response: You raised a valid point.  Our updated Guideline In Hosting A CAPA Competition documentation to include a requirement for the Competition Host to advise me of the names of three judges well in advance of the ‘day-of-juding’ and to include the names of camera clubs associated to each judge.  In addition, all the Final CAPA Competition Reports will list the judges with their associated camera clubs.

While at the same time, some Competitions Hosts are unable to secure appropriate judges and have asked to use some of their local judges.  To ensure transparency and integrity of the judging process, the following conditions have been added to the CAPA Competition Standards:

Three Certified/Trained CAPA judges will be used to judge the competition and they each must declare what camera club they are affiliated with. Exception – one judge can be a non-Certified/Trained CAPA judge provided they are well experienced in the Scope of Competition

permit Competition Host (camera clubs) to use their own Certified/Trained CAPA Judges provided that the judges have not been in attendance or involved in any way with the club’s viewing and selection of club images for the CAPA competition for which the club is hosting
judge can enter their own images into a competition they are judging provided that they advise the Competition Host well in advance of the “day-of-judging” and the judging system will accommodate the judge scoring zero (0) for their image and the scores from the other two judges are averaged and extrapolated to produce a final score. If this feature is NOT available in the judging system then the judge cannot enter their own images in this competition

The new ‘remote-judging‘ feature in our new on-line competition system being tested in the 2017 – 2018 will be a means of providing appropriately skilled and independence for our CAPA competitions.  The ‘remote-judging’ may be expanded next year to permit camera clubs to use for their local judging competitions and for regional CAPA competitions.



If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about our CAPA competitions, please forward them to me for a timely response.

Sheldon Boles

CAPA Director of Competition



Judging Courses

Be a CAPA Judge!

CAPA Canada is Number 1!

w04 1_LGCC_ALLEN BARGEN_You Look Tasty
w21 1_TCC_JEFF LU_Bald Eagles Fighting for fish
w06 2_LGCC_DAVID WINGATE_A Last Look Back

Four Nations Photography Competition

This competition is an Inter-Society digital image competition organised annually between:


Best images from each society’s competitions and submitted into one of four competitions – Open, Monochrome, Nature and Our Country.  Images are collectively judged and scored.

Congratulations to us! CAPA has placed first overall. This is our third consecutive year winning this competition! CAPA also placed first in 3 of the 4 categories – the Nature, Open and the Our Country categories. In additional, individual members took first place in 3 of the 4 categories – the Nature, Open and the Our Country categories, as well as winning several of the Honorable Mention awards.

The Country Placings are:

Canada – CAPA 5396 1st
Australia – APS 4964 2nd
New Zealand – PSNZ 4856 3rd
South Africa – PSSA 4817 4th


The results from the 4 categories are:


Canada 1081 1st
Australia 1006 2nd
South Africa 1001 3rd
New Zealand 921 4th


Nature Individual awards

Photographer Country Title Award
Campbell Hastings Canada Kestral with Mouse Gold
Kobie Rautenbach South Africa Flying Mammal HM
Dave Van de Laar Canada Red Fox HM
Johan Jordaan South Africa Vossie met Muis HM
Gold Medal Image – “Kestral With Mouse” taken by Campbell Hastings.


Our Country

Canada 1047 1st
New Zealand 933 2nd
Australia 882 3rd
South Africa 851 4th


Our Country Individual awards

Photographer Country Title Award
Rachel Schneiderman Canada World’s Longest Skating Rink Gold
James Gibson New Zealand A Light in the Darkness HM
Mieke Boynton Australia Angry Skies HM
Joseph Tam Australia Sydney Ferrython HM


Gold Medal Image – “World’s Longest Skating Rink” photographed by Rachel Schneiderman.



Australia 980 1st
New Zealand 926 2nd
Canada 908 3rd
South Africa 851 4th


Monochrome Individual awards

Photographer Country Title Award
Mark Vivian Australia Leap of Faith Gold
Ilan Wittenberg New Zealand Man in a Leather Jacket HM
Jacques du Toit South Africa Lady in Waiting HM
Bill Hodges New Zealand Here’s Looking at You HM



Canada 2365 1st
Australia 2096 2nd
South Africa 2079 3rd
New Zealand 2076 4th


Open Individual Awards

Photographer Country Title Award
Dany Chan Canada Grizzley Feeding on Salmon Gold
Alexius van der Westhuize South Africa Lerena vs Bolonti HM
David Scott Australia Eye to Eye HM
Rene Watteel Canada Katherine HM
Kim Falconer New Zealand Contemplation HM


Gold Medal Winner – Grizzly Feeding On Salmon.


Competition Update – Fall 2017

New Online Uploading System

Starting this fall, CAPA has a new online competition system. The new system is similar to the one being used by many Ontario camera clubs.  A huge thanks goes out to CAPA member Lance Gitter of the Richmond Hill Camera Club who dedicated countless volunteer hours to implement and configure CAPA’s new online competition system.

Also new for the 2017-18 competition cycle, we are implementing ‘remote-judging’ for three competitions – Nature, Photo Journalism and Spring Open.  With ‘remote-judging’, competitions will be judged by individuals in different parts of the country without the need to travel to a particular club’s location.  This feature may be of interest to camera clubs and we hope that more clubs will become Competition Hosts by using ‘remote judging’.

The new online system provides for a more streamlined uploading. As with all new systems, there are a few requirements in order to have consistency when you upload images:

1. File naming Convention:

– Filenames of photographs to be uploaded may ONLY contain letters, numbers, spaces, periods(.), underscores(_) or dashes (-)

– No other punctuation is allowed in this filename or the name of its folder

2. Image Title:

– May NOT contain the club name or the photographer’s name

 Unrestricted except refrain from using the following characters:  ” ‘ 

When you upload your images, these notes will be on the screen as a reminder.


Competition Eligibility Criteria

There are two new items added to the eligibility criteria:

6. the submitted image must not have previously received a CAPA award such as: a CAPA medal, Certificate of Merit, Merit Award Ribbon, Honourable Award Certificate or Honour Award Ribbon

7. Do NOT enter an image simultaneously in both the ‘individual’ and ‘club’ components of a CAPA competition

A link to the eligibility criteria is in each competition description.  Please read these carefully before submitting an image for a competition.


Competition Standardization

It is important that entrants read and comply with all the conditions of each CAPA competition prior to submitting an image.  Competition Hosts will no longer request a re-submit for an image that does not meet the scope of a competition and the non-qualifying image will not be presented on the ‘day-of-judging.’

For clarity, there is a separate webpage for each competition.  The traditional CAPA Competition Guide has been eliminated.

For the majority of competitions, the judging criteria have been standardized:

Judges will award their scoring based on key elements such as composition, technique and subject matter.  However, the judges will have a strong emphasis on the creative message, quality of execution, innovation, and ‘wow’ factor.”

All judges will be asked to comply with these criteria when assigning their score to images.

In early May 2017, a message was sent to all CAPA members and camera clubs advising them of the new 2017-18 competitions.  Please explore all the competitions when considering submission of your images.


Fall Competitions

This fall there are four photo competitions:

  • Nature (Closes October 30, 2017) – has been expanded to include the promotion of responsible photographing species.
  • Fine Art (Closes October 30, 2017) – definition has been expanded and clarified.
  • Open Print (Closes October 30, 2017) – it is important to read the Competition Process for this competition to ensure you also upload a copy of your print image to the new online competition system.
  • Photo Journalism (Closes November 30, 2017) – this new competition provides an opportunity to expand your photographic abilities and to comply with photo journalism standards.


Club Membership Contact Information

Please keep your club’s contact information up-to-date on the CAPA website.  We use this information to send you the Canadian Camera Magazine, CAPA Monthly Newsletter , Competition Updates, and CAPA awards/prizes.

For camera clubs, we ask that contact information includes:

– Primary contact person (i.e. treasurer) with contact information

– Club President Name & email address

– Club CAPA Representative & email address

– Club Competition Contact & email address

– Communications Contact & email address

If you have any questions about CAPA Competitions, please email the Director of Competitions (Sheldon Boles) at

Volunteers needed for new Photo Critique Forums

We are looking for three CAPA members to volunteer for the new Photo Critique Forums on the CAPA Website. We already have two volunteers but we need three more. This is not an onerous time commitment, the initial planning phase may take a bit more but the volunteers would be looking at an hour or two each week or more if the volunteer wants. Volunteers don’t need any special website experience beyond basic computer and Internet skills. Their role will be to answer questions, facilitate discussion, keep topics on track, and generally be helpful to people using the Photo Critique Forums. This may be of particular interest to people who are interested in online judging as there are some similar components.

The Photo Critique Forums will allow CAPA members to submit photos and give photo critiques. Members can discuss a photo or compare photos, in a message string below each photo. Members can upload their own photos when ever they want, and comment on other’s work whenever they want. There could be assignments. All the details are not worked out yet as we would like to have the full complement of volunteers before decisions on how it will work are made.

If you would like to volunteer in the Photo Critique Forums please contact Sheena Wilkie directly at If you know of someone you think would be interested please put them in touch with Sheena.

Canadian Camera Magazine Editorial Calendar

 Attention CAPA Members:

We need submissions for upcoming issues. Canadian Camera is your magazine! We welcome your story ideas, news items, portfolios and reviews.

 Attention CAPA Clubs:

Ðo you have a news announcement, an event, something going on? Please let us know!

We do reserve the right to accept or reject material as we see fit. And we reserve the unrestricted right to edit, crop and comment editorially on all submitted material. We make every effort to achieve a balance of views, subject matter and geographical representation of our members.

How to Send Material:

Please write your story idea as a paragraph or outline of what you would like to write an article about and send it with several low-res photos to;

Editorial Calendar 2017/2018 – submission deadlines

 WINTER 2017
Content Deadline – October 1st
Advertising Deadline – October 30th
All About the Gear – Photography equipment and software

 SPRING 2018
Content Deadline – January 10th
Advertising Deadline – January 30th
Photographers as Journalists and Conservationists – Photography changing the world

Content Deadline – April 10th
Advertising Deadline – April 30th
Water, Water, Everywhere – Photographs that include water – tips and tricks – water droplets – seascapes – waterfalls – lakeside – water sports

FALL 2018
Content Deadline – July 10th
Advertising Deadline – July 30th
Creative Post Processing – Creative tips and tutorials for post processing your photographs, including software types, tutorials, and reviews.

Content Deadline – October 1st
Advertising Deadline – October 30th
Travel Photography – best destinations, best equipment and best photos

Content Deadline – January 10th
Advertising Deadline – January 30th
Special Effects in Camera – Long Exposure, Multiple Exposure, Infrared, Motion Blur, Intentional Camera Movement

We need photos for the CAPA Gallery

Are you a CAPA member? We’re looking to feature your photos on our new website photo gallery located on the main page.

Photos for the main CAPA Member’s gallery will be credited with the photographer’s name in a photo byline below the photo.

  • Photos must  be sized exactly landscape at 1400px by 1050px and portrait 1050px by 1400px.
  • All photos must have the photographer’s name in the file name e.g Sheena_Wilkie.jpg
  • A title is not required as we will only be using the photographers name.
  • Photos submitted must not contain a watermark or any text including the photographer’s name or logo.

Please email the photos to

“Luminosity and Rhythm” Second International Chinese Photography Exhibition

“Luminosity and Rhythm” the Second International Chinese Photography Exhibition  by the Canada International Photographers Association  and Taiwan Photographers Exchange Association

A total of 185 Chinese photographers from Taiwan, mainland China and North America were invited to showcase a wide range of content, including: landscape, humanities, ecology, documentary, creativity and so on.

Time: September 16, 2017 to October 8, 2017
Every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Lipont Art Center
4211 No 3 Rd., Richmond, BC
Opening Ceremony: 10:00 am on September 16, 2017




6th annual Vancouver International Photography Festival Photo Contest

Entries are now being accepted for the 6th annual Vancouver International Photography Festival Photo Contest. There are three sections, VIPF (Vancouver International Photography Festival), CAPA (Canadian Association of Photographic Art), and PSA (Photographic Society of America). Entrants will be automatically entered in both sections. There are a total of 45 awards that can be won, 27 medals, and 18 Honourable Mentions. Gold medal winners will receive limited edition postage stamps with their winning image on it. There are 3 categories to choose from, Nature, Travel, and Monochrome. The entrance fees are as follows: $18 USD for 1 category, $28 USD for 2 categories, and $38 USD for 3 categories. The deadline for entry is August 31, 2017. Each entry consists of up to 4 photographs. For additional details, please visit the contest section on, any questions can be forwarded to




New Executive Officers

Introducing CAPA’s new Executive Officers
Rod Trider, FCAPA
Carol Coleman
Larry Breitkreutz, FCAPA
Henry Schnell
Please welcome Michael Breakey to his new position as Director of Education
Special thanks to outgoing board members, Jacques Mailloux and Allen Bargen, for their contributions to CAPA

Fall Judging Courses

One of the mandates of the new executive is the expansion and promotion of clubs using CAPA Trained Judges to provide greater quality and consistency of results for our members. A CAPA Trained Judge is better able to provide quality and helpful comments, along with consistent scoring. CAPA Clubs will be provided with a list of Certified / Trained Judges in their Zone. We are also putting together a national list of CAPA judges to do on-line judging for our member clubs.

All CAPA Judges are required to take a course every 5 years to ensure they are keeping up to date.  CAPA has implemented a new On-line Judging system that will make hosting a competition much simpler. In order to increase the number of CAPA Trained Judges we will be increasing the number of course available across the country.

Confirmed Courses

Date/Time Event
Saturday, October 28, 2017
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Judging Course - Kingston ON
Queens University – Kinesiology Building, Room 100, Kingston Ontario
Saturday, November 4, 2017
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Judging Course - Hamilton ON
Barton Stone United Church, Hamilton Ontario

Course details and registration will be posted here in September.

If your club would like to host a course in your region please contact Mike Breakey – Director of Education, Or Rod Trider – President,

How to Log In

You have been hearing about the new CAPA website and now it’s here. Log in now to enjoy all the great content and beautiful photographs.


Here’s how:

  • Click on Login
  • If you are an individual member, your username will be your usual CAPA Membership email address
  • If you are a member Club, your username will be your exact Club Name, eg. The Ottawa Camera Club
  • Your password will be the 5-digit CAPA Member Number from the Karelo Membership System
  • If your membership is current, you will be taken to your membership account page, with access to members-only website content.
  • If your membership has expired, you will be taken to a page where you can select your membership to rejoin CAPA.


Forgotten your old Membership Number? Click on Login, then click on ‘Lost Password’.

  • Enter your usual CAPA Membership email address, then click on ‘Get New Password’.
  • An email will be sent to your email address with instructions on how to set a new password.
  • We encourage you to select a secure password at least 8 digits long, using numbers,  letters and special characters.


Once you are logged in to your Member Account, click on ‘Edit Profile’ to update your member information. In the Province field, please enter the two-digit province abbreviation.

If you are having difficulties with the website please email Sheena Wilkie.

Questions about your membership? Send an email to the Membership Administrator Lee Smith or call her at 1-250-523-2378.

1st Global Chinese Photography Art Exhibition

2017 is the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada. With its multicultural history, Canada exemplifies the harmonious integration of all the world’s peoples, helping to build Canada’s reputation as a great country.

Continue reading “1st Global Chinese Photography Art Exhibition”

Moonrise Between Iceberg Pillar by Michael Winsor

Michael Winsor is a professional photographer from the small outport community of Pools Island, Newfoundland. Through his passion in landscape photography, Michael has built a reputation in producing stunning low light landscape images.  With his love of exploring the natural world, he is known as a leader in fine art landscape images of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Continue reading “Moonrise Between Iceberg Pillar by Michael Winsor”

2017 Toronto International Photography Festival

An exciting competition for group entries from photography organizations, clubs, groups, schools and associations around the world. CAPA is a Patron of this competition, and as such, CAPA medals will be awarded. All entries will be evaluated by CAPA trained judges.

Continue reading “2017 Toronto International Photography Festival”

2017 Photo Challenge

GOLD - Jim Hatch - Canada 150 Years
SILVER - Frederic Hore - Celebrating Canada Day
BRONZE - Ted Akin - Sky Celebrations
HONOUR - Donna Thompson - East To West Celebration 2017
HONOUR - Michael Winsor - Ferryland Iceberg
HONOUR - Jacinthe Leblanc - New Brunswick
HONOUR - Jean Wang - Celebrate Canada National Day
HONOUR - Angeline Haslett - Following Cultural Paths
HONOUR - Jana Malinek - The Dancer
HONOUR - Lorna Scott - Lunenberg, Nova Scotia
HONOUR - Christina Varro - Capturing Moraine Lake
HONOUR - Ted Akune - Keeping Watch
HONOUR - Betty Johnston - Waiting For The Eulachon Bella Coola BC

Competition Winners & Awards

  • Gold Medal – Jim Hatch
  • Silver Medal – Frederic Hore
  • Bronze Medal – Ted Akune

Honourable Mention:

  • Donna Thompson – “East To West Celebration 2017” – 24
  • Michael Winsor – “Ferryland Iceberg” – 24
  • Jacinthe Leblanc – “New Brunswick” – 24
  • Jean Wang – “Celebrate Canada National Day” – 24
  • Angeline Haslett – “Following Cultural Paths” – 23.5
  • Jana Malinek – “The Dancer” – 23.5
  • Lorna Scott – “Lunenberg, Nova Scotia” – 23.5
  • Christina Varro – “Capturing Moraine Lake” – 23.5
  • Ted Akune – “Keeping Watch” – 23
  • Betty Johnston – “Waiting For The Eulachon Bella Coola BC” – 23

Congratulations to all the winners.  

2017 Macro “Individual” Winners

Gold CAPA He (Henry) Zhao Bee
Gold CAPA He (Henry) Zhao Busy Bee
Gold CAPA He (Henry) Zhao Butterfly
Gold CAPA He (Henry) Zhao Insect Vampire
Silver CAPA Lydia Dagg All Tuckered Out
Silver CAPA Lydia Dagg Balancing Act
Silver CAPA Lynda McKay Bergamont
Silver CAPA Lydia Dagg I Think I Can
Bronze CAPA Harvey Ash Pink Day Lily
Bronze CAPA Harvey Ash Purple Day Lily
Bronze CAPA Harvey Ash Red Day Lily
Bronze CAPA Harvey Ash Red Day Lily
Merit 1 CAPA Bruce Shapka Bumble Bee
Merit 2 CAPA Harvey Ash Red Day Lily
Merit 3 CAPA Bob Noble Fruit Fly And Dew

Competition Winners & Awards

  • Gold Medal – He (Henry) Zhao – 90
  • Silver Medal – Lydia Dagg – 89.5
  • Bronze Medal – Harvey Ash – 89.5

Honourable Mention:

  • Bruce Shapka – 88.5
  • Lynda McKay – 88.5
  • Lance Gitter – 88
  • Linda Treleaven – 87
  • Man-kay Koon – 87

Merit Awards:

  • Bruce Shapka – “Bumble Bee” – 26
  • Harvey Ash – “Red Day Lily” – 25.5
  • Bob Noble – “Fruit Fly And Dew” – 25.5

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to CAPA members Sheena Wilkie and Kasandra Sproson for hosting this competition.

2017 Macro ‘Club’ Winners

GOLD RHCC Joe Leduc Flower Drops
GOLD RHCC Cliff Homewood Coloured Pencils
GOLD RHCC Marie Algieri Goldgrub Oil And Water
GOLD_RHCC Lance Gitter-Feathery Frost Pattern
GOLD_RHCC Geoffrey Pierpoint-Seed Head Detail
GOLD_RHCC John Kot-Peacock Feather Detail
SILVER VCC Gordon Griffiths Miniature World
SILVER VCC Ken Johnston Night Stalking Beetle
SILVER VCC Leah Gray Flower Explosion On Ice
SILVER VCC Neil Boyle Osteospermum With Aphid
SILVER VCC Tony Knowler My Pictures
SILVER VCC Vincent Witteveen Morning Drops
BRONZE IACC Bruce Smith Fossil Beauty
BRONZE IACC Clayton Reitzel Sunset In A Rock
BRONZE IACC Colleen Sayer Kiwi Kloseup
BRONZE IACC Homayoun Atarodifard Golden Eye
BRONZE IACC Linda Treleaven Feather Abstract
BRONZE IACC Lynne Ray The Heart Of It
MERIT 1 RHCC Joe Leduc Flower Drops Copy
MERIT 2 PGNS VikiGaul ButtonsAndPinsMacro
MERIT_3_RHCC_Geoffrey Pierpoint-Seed Head Detail

Competition Winners & Awards

  • Gold Medal – Richmond Hill Camera Club – 142.5
  • Silver Medal – Victoria Camera Club – 136.5
  • Bronze Medal – Images Alberta Camera Club – 136.5

Honourable Mention:

  • Cowichan Valley Camera Club – 131
  • Central Okanagan Photographic Society – 131

Merit Awards:

  • Joe Leduc (Richmond Hill Camera Club) – “Flower Drops” – 27.5
  • Viki Gaul – (Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia) – “Buttons And Pins Macro” – 25.5
  • Janet Slater (Richmond Hill Camera Club) – “Seed Head Details” – 25.5

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to CAPA members Sheena Wilkie and Kasandra Sproson for hosting this competition.