Competition Winners – Macro – Club

GOLD RHCC Joe Leduc Flower Drops
GOLD RHCC Cliff Homewood Coloured Pencils
GOLD RHCC Marie Algieri Goldgrub Oil And Water
GOLD_RHCC Lance Gitter-Feathery Frost Pattern
GOLD_RHCC Geoffrey Pierpoint-Seed Head Detail
GOLD_RHCC John Kot-Peacock Feather Detail
SILVER VCC Gordon Griffiths Miniature World
SILVER VCC Ken Johnston Night Stalking Beetle
SILVER VCC Leah Gray Flower Explosion On Ice
SILVER VCC Neil Boyle Osteospermum With Aphid
SILVER VCC Tony Knowler My Pictures
SILVER VCC Vincent Witteveen Morning Drops
BRONZE IACC Bruce Smith Fossil Beauty
BRONZE IACC Clayton Reitzel Sunset In A Rock
BRONZE IACC Colleen Sayer Kiwi Kloseup
BRONZE IACC Homayoun Atarodifard Golden Eye
BRONZE IACC Linda Treleaven Feather Abstract
BRONZE IACC Lynne Ray The Heart Of It
MERIT 1 RHCC Joe Leduc Flower Drops Copy
MERIT 2 PGNS VikiGaul ButtonsAndPinsMacro
MERIT_3_RHCC_Geoffrey Pierpoint-Seed Head Detail

Competition Winners & Awards

Honourable Mention:

Merit Awards:

  • Joe Leduc (Richmond Hill Camera Club) – “Flower Drops”
  • Viki Gaul – (Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia) – “Buttons And Pins Macro”
  • Janet Slater (Richmond Hill Camera Club) – “Seed Head Details”

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to CAPA members Sheena Wilkie and Kasandra Sproson for hosting this competition.