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Winter 2017 Smart Phone or Tablet Individual Competition

127 images entered by 32 Individuals
Hosted by: Kamloops Photo Arts Club
Rick Jubinville – Is an avid life-long photographer who has been active with the Kamloops Photo Arts Club for 10 years. He has taken a CAPA judging course in the recent past and has a keen sense of image composition
Al Fedorak – Professional Photographer since 1968. Past Member of PPOC & PPOC-BC. Member of the Kamloops Photo Arts Club for 5 Years.
Brock Nanson – Professional Civil Engineer, Long time KPAC member, 2006 Gold Medal winner NSPC. Provided instruction 2016 on Smart Phone and Snapseed.

Gold Medal Winner – Ying Shi

Photographers & Images Scores
Ying Shi_Kitchen 28
Ying Shi_On the way working 20
Ying Shi_Harvest season 20
Ying Shi_Dawn of the village 23


Silver Medal Winner –  Hafeez Mian          (Tie break by judges)

Photographers & Images Scores
Hafeez Mian-Abu Dhabi Mosque 23
Hafeez Mian-Forgotten Glory 16
Hafeez Mian-Oro Negro 20
Hafeez Mian-Sheikh Zayed Mosque 24

NOTE: Hafeez Mian and Pamela Joe McFarlane tied with a total score of 83.

Judges broke the tie by awarding Hafeez with the Silver Medal and Pamela with

the Bronze Medal


Bronze Medal Winner – Pamela Joe McFarlane     (Tie break by judges)

Photographers & Images Scores
Pamela Joe McFarlane_Sails in a Storm 19
Pamela Joe McFarlane_Ful Medames 20
Pamela Joe McFarlane_Seniors Lunch 21
Pamela Joe McFarlane_Spice of Life 23

Honourable Mention Ribbons are awarded to 10% of the total entrants in a competition – rounded up.  This competition had 32 entrants and only 3 Honourable Mention Ribbons are being awarded:

Honourable Mention Ribbon –4th Position Tied

Photographers & Images Scores
Jill Apshkrum_Tea Time 21
Jill Apshkrum_Emerald Islands 20
Jill Apshkrum_Light After The Burn 19
Jill Apshkrum_Golden Light 22


Honourable Mention Ribbon – 4th Position Tied

Photographers & Images Scores
Sharon Shales_Canoe Repairs 23
Sharon Shales_Frozen 22
Sharon Shales_Jailhouse Portal 19
Sharon Shales_A Winters Walk 18

Honourable Mention Ribbon –  #6th Position

Photographers & Images Scores
Lynda Miller – Summer Rose 20
Lynda Miller – Keefer Lake Wetland 19
Lynda Miller – Glass Multiple Exposures 20
Lynda Miller – Columbia Lake Drive By 21

Merit Award
Ribbons (top three scored individual images as determined by the judges)

Placement & Winner Name of Image & Score
#1 – Ying Shi Kitchen  28
#2 – A Hafeez Mian Sheikh Zayed Mosque  24
#3 – Jim Hatch Mushrooms  23

NOTE: Six photographers tied for the 3rd Place Merit Award Ribbon.
Judges broke the tie and awarded the ribbon to Jim Hatch.


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