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Winter 2017 Smart Phone or Tablet Club Competition

88 images entered by 15 Clubs
Hosted by: Kamloops Photo Arts Club
Rick Jubinville – Is an avid life-long photographer who has been active with the Kamloops Photo Arts Club for 10 years. He has taken a CAPA judging course in the recent past and has a keen sense of image composition
Al Fedorak – Professional Photographer since 1968. Past Member of PPOC & PPOC-BC. Member of the Kamloops Photo Arts Club for 5 Years.
Brock Nanson – Professional Civil Engineer, Long time KPAC member, 2006 Gold Medal winner NSPC. Provided instruction 2016 on Smart Phone and Snapseed.

Gold Medal Winner – Crescent Beach Photography Club

Photographers & Images Scores
Carol How- Tattoo Head 20
Derek Hayes-Bike on the Beach 22
Kevin Ward-Landing Strip 22
Pam_Avis-This Old House 16
Robyn Cowan-Morning Mist 18
A Hafeez Mian-Mosque Sheikh Zayed 25


Silver Medal Winner – Victoria Camera Club

Photographers & Images Scores
Carrie Cole-Maligne Lake 17
Lorna Zaback-Selfie at Luxembourg Gardens 17
Mohammadali Khashei-Glass, Colour 23
Peter Koelbleitner-Desolate 17
Steve Smith-Sleeping Maiden – Beacon Hill 22
Willie M Waddell-Rice Terraces Liping China 21

Bronze Medal Winner – Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia

Photographers & Images Scores
DarrylRobertson-Dingle 12
LaszloPodor-ForestScene 20
PierreDeBoismenu-Frozen 22
FredGreene-ArchesRainStormApproaching 21
FranceBoutilier-SunsettingAtHalongBay 18
VikiGaul-MonumentValley 23

Honourable Mention Ribbons are awarded to 10% of the total entrants in a competition – rounded up.  This competition had _88_ entrants and only _9_ Honourable Mention Ribbons are being awarded:

 Honourable Mention Ribbon – CLUB

Photographers & Images Scores
Camera 35 St. John’s 114
Langley Camera Club 114
London Camera Club 114

 Merit Award Ribbons (top three scored individual images as determined by the judges)

Placement & Winner Name of Image & Score
#1 – Eric_Bartlett The_Dock 26
#2 – A Hafeez Mian Mosque Sheikh Zayed 25
#3 – Enrique-Waizel Fall 24 (Tie broken by judges)


Camera 35 St. John’s
Vernon Camera Club
North Shore Photographic Society
Cowichan Valley Camera Club
Harbour City Photography Club
Images Alberta Camera Club
Kamloops Photo Arts Club
Kingston Photographic Club
London Camera Club
Langley Camera Club
Manitoba Camera Club
Pacific Digital Photography Club

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