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Winners of the CAPA 2012 annual digital competition

The winners of the most anticipated competition of the year were selected on October 28th, in Ottawa. And as in previous years, those results have been posted to the submission site. Log back in, using the e-mail you used to register, and the password the software generated for you – or your own password if you changed it – to check your scores.

Determining the winners is getting more difficult every year, with a significant number of entries obtaining high scores, forcing the judges into extended tie-breaking evaluations.

But we love it! Keep creating these beautiful images – this is what CAPA is all about! And keep an eye out for your Spring 2013 issue of Canadian Camera Magazine, when we will announce the theme(s) for the 2013 competition. In the meantime, you can see here who the winners were, what prizes they received, and who got an Honour Award.

Congratulations to all the top scoring participants!

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