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Virginia Stranaghan FCAPA

img-dci-group2-0417-Saw Mill

“Morningstar Mill”

This is a heritage site were I volunteer.  It is called Morningstar Mill.  I took the image in the fall, increased the saturation and brightened the barn to the vivid red on the barn.

Then opened it in Topaz Simplify and reduced some of the detail slightly.  I found the original was quite busy in the trees especially.



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As long as I can remember I have been interested in photography and capturing images.  My parents were very support of my endeavours.   For many years photography was a hobby which I dabbled in.  I was a self-taught photographer until much later in my life when I decided to take on formal training in photography.  As time progressed I acquired a camera with more functionality, took several photographic courses and developed my vision along with improving my photographic knowledge.   Although the principles of photography remain the same, the era from film to digital photography was very exciting for me, and has opened immense possibilities with new techniques and the manipulation of images with photographic editing software and a computer.

The world around me is my inspiration and fuels my passion to capture my vision in a photograph, which drives me to continue to pursue and develop my skills and style.

I have spent time with both Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant.  The inspiration and insight I gained from this experience is impossible to put into words.  It was an uplifting, fantastic experience.  Other photographers that have both encouraged and inspired me are Paul Sparrow, Deborah Sandidge, Ellen Anon, Allen Bargen and Karen Sperling.


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