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Summer Issue 2014 Canadian Camera






















Editorial by Sheena Macintyre Wilkie www.phototalk.ca

Last summer, on a road trip with four CAPA photographers, sitting at a picnic table overlooking the Atlantic, a lively discussion on photography and road trips took place. Out of that came the theme for this summer’s issue. I love a good road trip and when you add to the mix – travel, photography and friends — it’s a perfect recipe for fabulous fun and some great photographs.

I love traveling by car. We treat each 5hour drive up to our place at the lake as road trip — bringing a picnic,stopping in little out of the way places to root around in old second hand stores. And my husband even lets me stop to shoot the magnificent scenery up the Trans Canada Hwy through the canyon and into the Cariboo — although never as long as I would like!

I am much more adventurous when I’m out with other photographers. I would never have driven through a dry creek bed to the Hualapai Indian Reserve to get shots of the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon on my own. I would never have hiked out in the middle of the night into the desert at National Arches Park with a giant search light to light Balanced Rock. In fact most of my photography travel has been done with friends. There is safety and fun in having a few friends along for the ride!

Then there is the social aspect to road trips, hanging out, shooting the breeze, enjoying meals together – it’s all great!While it is contemplative and creative to shoot alone, I am often inspired when I am out with other photographers. Observing other photographers gives me new insight into how others approach a photographic subject. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve learned some new trick or tip from watching other people set up their tripods and cameras and ogling their equipment bags. Unfortunately for my wallet I usually see some new gadget or accessory I must have. My photo road trips have been expensive!

I am more likely to try new things and move out of my comfort zone when on the road. There’s something exciting about having your camera on the seat beside you, the open road in front of you,and around the corner another new vista to photograph.

This summer, on your own, or with friends, take a photography road trip. An afternoon, a day or a week- there will be sure to be something new to photograph around every corner. I’ll see you on the road!

Sheena Macintyre Wilkie, FCAPA

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