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Important Information for CAPA Clubs

Now that the CAPA database has gone online, and can be continuously updated, we need you, as a CAPA Club liaison person, to send us your most up-to-date contact information, so that we can update our database.

We frequently get requests from new members who wish to join a club in their area. Unfortunately, all too often, our information is outdated and we can’t reach anyone from the club we are referring to.

From time to time, and as part of your benefits as a CAPA Club member, your Zone Director or CAPA may also communicate with your club via e-mail, to inform you of special events the Association or one of its affiliates is organizing, information we deem to be of interest to your club members.

Please take a few minutes now, and forward your most recent information to our business office at capa@capacanada.ca so that we can update our database today. This information should include your club’s name, the name of your contact person, your mailing address, your telephone numbers, and most especially your e-mail address, including an alternative one if possible.

Should any of this information change through the year, please contact the CAPA Office as soon as possible with the new information, so that our records are always up-to-date.

We appreciate your collaboration and thank you for the time you will take to complete this task at your earliest convenience.

Larry Breitkreutz

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