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Leonie Holmes

Algonquin Park

I took this image last year in Algonquin Park. The sun was too bright for a color image so I got my trusty Infrared camera out & used it to take this image. Not much more done to it except the usual crop & a bit of sharpening. Added a border.

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Jim Ainslie   I knew that this was an infrared image before reading your notes, Leonie, not so much because of the lighter vegetation, typical of bright day infrared, but the give away for me was the very dark water.  I like the fact that the image is sharp throughout, and also the layering of the dark against the lighter areas.  I also think that the infrared helps to highlight the differences in quite a few different tree species.

Iris ten Holder  Each section of this image has interesting features. The infrared capture reflects the beauty of this scene well, both in the abundance of the foliage and the calm of the water and shore in the foreground.

Leslie Otterbein  Wish I could see more of the water, I like the rocks on the other side of the stream. Foreground not so much.

Bob Walling  I really like the glowing white foliage of this image, punctuated by the stems and trunks of the bushes and trees.The stream flows across the image and takes your eye across the images. The exposure is great and everything well handled. Well Done!

Virginia Stranaghan  Terrific subject in bright light for an Infrared.  Has that feeling of hoar frost on the trees.  Feels like a winter scene.

Denise Ferreira


I use Nikon cameras. D4s & D800. My lenses range from 10mm to 500mm. I like photographing nature and especially love creative photography. I have been photographing since 1976. I live in Burlington, Ontario with my husband, Ramsay, my dog, Henry and my Ragdoll cat, Nikki. I spend a lot of the winter in Florida photographing birds.

I am a member of 3 camera clubs, Hamilton, Latow and Mississauga.

My website is www.leonieholmesphotography.com.



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