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Iris ten Holder


“Window Drapery


As alluded to in the description, I take part in  the home show in Ottawa and  created this image as a poster.. The Show is from March 23 to March 26, preceded by two days to set up the booth.

This image was taken recently on the spur of the moment with the iPad. It was converted in Photshop using adjustments Black and White, cropped and resampled to get a more elongated image. I added a light touch of poster edges. A poster of this image will be hung on the back wall of a photo exhibition booth, where it will add a bright spot and give the booth the  look of a room.. I look forward to your comments.


Member’s comments
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 Jim Ainslie    The stretched monochrome composition has a much more balanced feel to it, in my view.  Focusing in on the one set of drapery and cropping out the side set helps to focus in on your subject.  I like the way that the plants frame the drapery, and also give the image a slightly abstract ‘feel’.  I also like the fact that any outside distractions are played down, and also that the rectangular window frame repeating sections provide a good background for the drapery.

Leonie Holmes

Leslie Otterbein    Your poster achieves its purpose, as a background.

Bob Walling  Very nice, you have handled the delicate tones of the window drapery very well in converting to monochrome. Its unfortunate that the foliage on the sides is so dark. Possibly the foliage could have been lightened. I can see were this photo would certainly enhance your booth.

Virginia Stranaghan    I love the treatment you have done to this image.  The choice to convert to black and white was definitely the right one.  The addition of the poster edges adds texture to the image and you have succeeded in creating a more elongated image than the original portrays.  This should look very nice in your booth.

Denise Ferreira


pic of Iris Ten Holder I am an editor by profession and worked for the House of Commons from 1966 until 1995. We have lived in Ottawa since 1960. Prior to 1960 we lived in Alberta, where we landed first upon our immigration from The Netherlands. Our children have now startedtheir own families.My interest in photography dates back to my high school years. I was intrigued by the photographs of one of my fellow students. I was fascinated by photo journalism and the photography in Life Magazine.

I have used the cameras that were commonly available. My first camera was a Voigtlander, which belonged to my parents. It was a pull-out camera, harmonica-wise, with a separately mounted viewfinder. Later I used 35 mm cameras of varying complexity or simplicity. I currently own a Pentax ESPIO 738 and two digital cameras. Some of my black and white photographs appeared in Canadian Camera Magazine last year in an article written by June Coxon.

Although I started with a very narrow focus, I now have quite a few interests. My main focus was ‘trees’ and they still feature frequently in my photographs. Other fascinations include ‘reflections’, ‘shadows’, ‘travel images’. My latest focus concerns photo compositions, of which my submission is an example.

At the moment I am in the process of cataloguing all my photographs, and then will organize them in portfolios.

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