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Bob Walling



This is another photo of the iconic Dundurn “Castle” or more properly Sir John McNab’s manor house built in the 1850’s, located in Hamilton ON. This old and very formal appearing building can be very photogenic. The original was cropped, straightened and had a tools box on the lower left removed. I then processed it with Topaz Textures to get the effect on the stones of the building. I then inserted a more dramatic sky and used Topaz BWEffects to produce the monochrome image.

img-dci-mono-03-17-Dundurn Original

Member’s comments

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Jim Ainslie    What a dramatic transformation.  So much gritty texture in the stonework, roadway and grass.  The toning works well here too.  I’m not sure about the sky though.  That darker area doesn’t quite seem to fin in with the softer surrounding cloud.  The white line along the top of the building  hints at solarization.  I wonder if some grain or noise might better  tie the two areas together.

Leonie Holmes

Iris ten Holder

Leslie Otterbein    The new sky lends a spooky touch to the image. Good perspective. Nice textures.

Virginia Stranaghan  Beautiful architectural shot, the textures really makes the stones pop in this image.  Choosing to replace the sky was a good choice the one you inserted is very dramatic.  The oblique angle works well in this image as well the choice to crop a little on the left side.  I like the image just as you have presented it.

Denise Ferreira


pic of Bob Walling I have been working with digital images for some time and would like contact with others who workwith digital images. I have been a member of CAPA and its predecessor NAPA for some time. I am a member of the Trillium Photographic club and the Latow Photographers Guild both of Burlington ON.I have been involved in Photography as a hobby and as a semi-professional since I was a teenager. I am also a computer professional so computer jargon doesn’t bother me. In fact if others have questions about hardware setup or software problems (although I don’t have all the answers) I would be happy to assist in any way that I can.My chief areas of interest are architecture and flowers, although I have been known to photograph landscapes, sports and portraiture from time to time.



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