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Mufty Mathewson

Warrior 14 copy 3

I liked the warrior in this image however felt the background was way to distracting.
Spent some time cloning and toning down the background. Wonder if what the results are like for someone who hasn’t seen the original.  Won’t be able to respond to the work this time as will be holidaying in Hawaii, so next month, look for hula dancers and waves.


Warrior 14 copy

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pic of Mufty Mathewson My art form used to be slide shows with digital projectors and a fade dissolve system however, that equipment is now obsolete.I love telling stories with my photography so am presently loving creating photo books, medium sized ones capturing travel trips or major events but I have done big expensive coffee table books too. The latest is a Retrospective of Slides Shows from 1978 to 2005. It is quite sumptuous and captures the work I did with 13 of my more important slides shows over those years.I now have two Pentax digital cameras and a couple of good lenses. I use Photoshop CS3, a Minolta Dimage Scanner, an Epsom 1700 injet printer and a Viewsonic LCD projector.I volunteer with Brain Injury Organizations here in Edmonton, often doing photography with them or making slide shows educating people about the far reaching effects of brain injury. I teach photography through the City of Edmonton City Arts Centre. I’ve been a member of NAPA/CAPA since 1978.My email address is muftynbill@shaw.ca.

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