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Leslie Otterbein



This little guy is probably so named because he does a hell of a lot of dipping. Hard to catch him standing still. Anyways, I created a duplicate layer, used the filter Paint Daubs on the whole image, then erased the bird in the top layer to show the unaltered one below it. frame to finish.

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IMG-leslie-otterbein I welcome any constructive criticism, and will try to give the same.I now reside in Vancouver, han abstract of vivid colourving moved from the West Kootenays, Trail BC but I originally came from Alberta. I work as a pressman. On the side I restore old photos and do a little custom printing with my Epson 3800. My websites are here:http://customvision.ca/customvision.ca/Home-Page.htmlhttps://www.behance.net/lotterbeinI’ve been taking photographs since the mid 70’s with a ten year hiatus in the ’80’s. I joined the local club, West Kootenay Camera Club, and have served in nearly all the elected positions in the club; I helped push the club into the digital age. Since 1996 I have used Macs as my digital darkroom with Photoshop as the main engine. I am a Pentax fan and use the K3 with wide-angle and telephoto lenses, and scan with a flatbed and dedicated film scanner occasionally.I am increasingly printing B&W images as well as colour. My interests are primarily nature, abstract, and macro, but any interesting opportunity will have me pressing the shutter.

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