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Jim Ainslie

img-dci-group-2-03-17- black-light-birds

 “Black Light Birds”

The glass birds were set up on a mirror, and ultraviolet light was reflected off of some fluorescent colored cards to get the mixture of colors shown here.  Some burning and dodging and some clone cleanup finished up the image. Finally two outlines were added.


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pic of Jim Ainslie I have been working with 35mm and a 4×5 inch field view camera, to capture aspects of the landscape and still life subjects, for the past thirty years or so. I enjoy exploration in the darkroom where various interpretations of the negative can be tried out, modified and refined; and where a number of different techniques can be used to ‘twist reality slightly’, to help achieve the desired ends.Playing on the computer, over the past year and a half, has allowed me to begin to realize the digital potential of being able to take an image far beyond the limitations of the darkroom. I look
forward to sharing my efforts with you all; along with the opportunity to learn from your images, experiences and techniques.My email address is: jainslie@interbaun.com

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