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Eric Hagedorn

Hawaiian Sunset L

“Hawaiian Sunset”


Hi again everyone.  I want to thank everyone for their comments last month.  I always learn from them and would have liked to respond to them but time did not permit.  This month I have a picture that I have been working on for about two years.  I want to show the grandeur of the sunsets in Hawaii without all the man-made artifacts.  Most of the work involved cloning out the lines and poles.  That was a tedious job.  A levels adjustment and increased vibrancy was applied.  I had to be careful with the cloning to get a natural looking result.  That took a lot of time.  I looked at the work so long that it looked OK but I’m not sure.  Let me know what you think.  Does my work look manipulated?  As always I am looking forward to reading your comments.





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pic of Eric Hagedorn I have been interested in photography all my life and have been taking photographs for about forty five years. The first years were point and shoot images taken with a Minolta 35 mm and later with a Canonet 35 mm camera. I had lots of fun and took lots of pictures. About ten years ago I became serious about learning about the nature and mechanics of taking pictures. I was a junior high school teacher and had set up a photography option. I read everything I could find about the “how to” of photography. I now take both film and digital photos. I have a Canon T70 camera with an assortment of lenses and two years ago I purchased a Canon A80 digital camera. I now get all of my film pictures digitized so that I can manipulate them on my computer. I am a member of the St. Albert Photo Club and the members of the club have been a big help to me in developing my photographic skills.My email address is ehagedor@shaw.ca.

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