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Don Poulton

img-dci-group2-04-17-A Light in the Glooming Dawn

 “A light in the Gloming”

Hi everyone, this month for something different, I created a monochrome version of a blue foggy dawn image. Last January, I went down to elk country in northern Pennsylvania for a weekend, and early one morning during some unseasonably warm weather, the fog had descended outside and the lights on this evergreen tree were shining through the fog. I was thinking about a monochrome version of this image with the intense cold blue of the early dawn.  First, I used the clone tool and spot healing brush to carefully remove the street sign from behind the tree, and also cropped in on the image to remove extraneous trees as well as the light shining in from the right. Then I used a black and white adjustment layer, carefully selecting a color to match the background. Initially, I thought the lights were too blue so I reduced the opacity of this layer to 90% so that it’s still monochromatic but a bit less blue on the lights. Then I added a curves adjustment layer to increase the contrast, and finally, added a slight vignette using Topaz Adjust. I’d like to hear what you think of the monochrome version here versus the original color.

img-dci-group2-04-17-A Light in the Glooming Dawn before


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Mufty Mathewson 

Leslie Otterbein

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pic of Don Poulton I have been interested in photography for all my life and have been seriously involved with photography for well over 30 years. I have been a member of the Etobicoke Camera Club for most of this time and have served a term as president of this club. When my wife (she is also an avid photographer) and I moved to Burlington a few years ago, we joined the Trillium Photographic Club where I am now responsible for the club newsletter.I am a retired environmental scientist and retired computer networker, so computer skills come naturally to me. I enjoy nature photography the best, but will photograph almost any subject. I am excited about the creative capabilities in digital that never existed with film photography, except with hours of painstaking darkroom work, so I intend to show some examples of my creativity to this group.My e-mail is dpoulton@cogeco.ca.

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