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Bob Walling

WakeRobin fur and Feathers

“Wake Robin”


The “Wake Robin” or red trillium was taken in the RBC grounds of Burlington ON.I processed the original with firstly a touch of Topaz Simplifier, then I added a texture from Topaz texture to give a bit of grunge effect, then I processed it with Topaz Glow Fur and Feathers preset to produce the exagerated veins onthe petals and the outlines around the stamens, etc. WakeRobin 


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pic of Bob Walling I have been working with digital images for some time and would like contact with others who work with digital images. I have been a member of CAPA and its predecessor NAPA for some time. I am a member of the Etobicoke Camera club of Toronto.
I have been involved in Photography as a hobby and as a semi-professional since I was a teenager. I am also a computer professional so computer jargon doesn’t bother me. In fact if others have questions about hardware setup or software problems (although I don’t have all the answers) I would be happy to assist in any way that I can.I still work with my venerable Pentax K10, but I am also using a couple of so-called bridge cameras, the Canon G1X and the Lumix FZ1000. I find that the compact nature of these cameras suits my style of photography very well. My chief areas of interest are architecture and flowers, although I have been known to photograph landscapes, sports and portraiture from time to time.


Visit my web site at  https://r-walling-phototography.smugmug.com/

My email address is rwalling395@gmail.com


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