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Allen Bargen

YeeHah-Allen Bargen


The Richmond Nature Park is quite close to my house, and I walk there occasionally for exercise, and photography. On a recent trip, the various feeders had just been filled, and the birds and Squirrels were quite eager to get at the goodies. If you look at the original scene, the Woodpecker has just landed on the feeder, so I grabbed this shot. After looking at it at home, it was obviously quite soft, and rather predictable, so I decided to change it up a little. First to get the Bird into Focus, I used Topaz In-Focus, a reasonably good method, but it adds noise, so it was then necessary to remove that problem using DeNoise. This caused the image to lose some of its detail, so Glow to the rescue. That brought up the feather detail (18%). At this point, I decided to make it look like the bird had caused the feeder to start swinging, by tilting it to the left. Then added a bit of saturation, cropped it to a 4×5 size, and finally at 200% magnification, removed the dozen or so dust spots from the image. All that work was worthwhile, as it earned a Gold Medal at LGCC the following week.

YeeHah-Allen Bargen_original


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Allen Bargen, FCAPA, Hon FCAPA

Allen Bargen is a global traveler and Nature photographer who scours the world in search of new wilderness adventures. While he loves – and photographs all things Canadian, he has a special passion for Africa and has travelled there many times to capture the magic and mystery of that continent. South America in opening new adventure horizons for him as he explores that continent now with recent trips to Ecuador and the Galapagos. During his most recent adventure, he traversed the Pantenal and hunted (with his camera of course) the rare Black Jaguar in the jungles of Brazil.

He is a Past President of CAPA, The Canadian Association for Photographic Art, and holds several major CAPA distinctions for his photography and dedication to the Art including their highest honor for photographic achievement, FCAPA. For several years, he was also the Chair of CAPA Learning courses. Allen is a CAPA Certified Judge, and teaches their new Judging Course in cities across Canada and abroad.  His interests include all genres of photography, with an emphasis on Nature and Sports. He offers lectures and adventure shows across the country and presents his work internationally to other photographic societies.

His work can be seen on his website at www.allenbargen.com

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