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Denise Ferreira

_MG_8341-Edit “FROST”

Every winter I’m delighted to be able to photograph  frost on my garage window using my micro lens. Everyday it changes to a new beautiful image.

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Jim Ainslie  Lovely arrangement of crystal ice formations.  Looks like a leafy fern garden, with new growth branching out in all directions.  Nice tonal range throughout brings out lots of detail in the leaf structures and surrounding less complex areas.  I like the way that you have composed this image, using a panorama format, where the ‘leaf area’ is surrounded, top and bottom by by less complex formations.

Iris ten Holder  This well captured.  It is amazing how this looks so much like ferns along the road, but fuller and better. On my screen the bottom is very light, but on print no doubt it comes out well.  I wish you luck with more of these images.  it is fascinating and capturing it no doubt is not easy.

 Leonie Holmes  Nice image of the ice Patterns. The only thing I can suggest for improvement is to crop a bit off the bottom so that the eyes concentrate mainly on the Ice Patterns.

Bob Walling    I like the way the frost has created a diagonal strip across the frame of your image. Its very sharp and well exposed. Unfortunately the lower right corner is somewhat over exposed. Possibly some application of an exposure brush might afford some correction.

Leslie Otterbein   Wonderful progression of textures. Hard to see the detail in the bottom, perhaps a selective filter could give that part some extra contrast.

Virginia Stranaghan   Very interesting abstract image of frost.  Great exposure and detail, with strong graphic elements of repeating triangle shape areas in the image.  Really enjoying this image.




I’m a retired mechanical engineer and on my spare time I love to take nature and landscape photography. Joining the group to improve my skills.
Email: pugetdf@gmail.com

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