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CAPA Competitions, Competitions Guidelines & Online Entry Instructions


Welcome CAPA Individual and Camera Club members.

2016 – 2017 CAPA Competition Guide (Individual & Clubs)

UPDATED – 2016 – 2017 CAPA Competition Guide (Version – October 17, 2017)  is now available CHECK OUT THE DETAILS IN THE GUIDE HERE

NEW  2016 – 2017  CAPA Competition Summary document – CHECK OUT SUMMARY DOCUMENT HERE

This new guide contains many changes and enhancements.  Therefore, we encourage you to review the contents prior to participating in our CAPA Competitions.  

For the specific competitions below, the details on how to process entries are found in the Competition Guide under the respective competition description.  Each of these competitions require you to complete and submit specific documents which are included below next to each competition:

For print competitions, you will need to download the following documents:

Individual Print Entry Form (DOC) – click here; (XLS) – click here and (PDF) – click here

Club Print Entry Form (DOC) – click here; (XLS) – click here; and (PDF) – click here.

Nature & Wildlife Competitions

Both of these competitions are our most popular.  For each of these competitions, CAPA follows the “Scope of Competition” and “Editing Criteria” as defined by the FIAP.  Noted details are contained within CAPA Competition Guide 2016-2017 and will not change from last year.

To assist individuals in considering what is acceptable or not, you are guided by the contents outlined in the following two documents:

      Quick Reference Nature Definition by Australian P S Interpretation of FIAP – click here

      Nature Competitions – Nature vs Wildlife Checklist – click here

Digital Submission Of Individual & Club Competition Images

The submission of images for both Individual and Club Competitions are similar but slightly different.  I have included below a short tutorial on how to process respective submissions:

      INDIVIDUAL (CAPA Member) Online Entry Instructions click here

      CLUB Online Entry Instructionsclick here

To proceed to enter your images double click “I want to join a competition online” below:

I want to join a competition online

1st Place Winners Of Individual CAPA Competitions

We have secured prizes for the 1st place winners of our Individual CAPA Competitions.

Our last year’s sponsors are outlined below.



 DxO Optics 



On One Software


Message from New Director of Competitions – Sheldon Boles

Virginia Stranaghan has done a remarkable job as our past Director of Competitions.  As I reviewed the box of documents she passed onto me, I am amazed at the volume of work associated to this position.

With the introduction of our new website later this fall, we will see many changes and improvement which has been suggested by CAPA members and camera club members.

As we progress through these changes, I look forward to receiving your suggestions and ideas on how we can improve and streamline our competition processes.  Please email me at competitions@capacanada.ca.


Sheldon Boles

Director of Competitions

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