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CCConference 2017

Come for the Conference, Stay for the Celebration

When Canada turns 150 on July 1 2017, participants at CAPA’s Canadian Camera Conference 2017 will be poised to take part in the festivities in Ottawa.  The conference will be held on June 28th to 30th.  Canada Day will be kept free so everyone can don their red and white togs and head to Parliament Hill for what’s sure to be an over-the-top celebration.

The host organization is Ottawa’s RA Photo Club, which presented very successful and popular conferences in 1998 and 2003.  CCC2017 takes place at Algonquin College, where more than a dozen presenters will deliver a wide range of topics over the three days, followed by optional field trips available only to conference attendees.

What’s on Offer? Many presenters are ones no individual camera club could hope to attract, such as Serge Ramelli (of Los Angeles and Paris) whose presentations will illustrate why he has close to 400,000 YouTube followers. Readers of major photographic and geographic magazines will be familiar with Richard Martin, Michelle Valberg, Neil Ever Osborne and David Brosha, Jeffrey Wu, Frank Gunn and Jason Ransom.

Special partnerships with the National Gallery of Canada and Library and Archives Canada mean you’ll have unique opportunities to hear from Andrea Kunard, curator of the Gallery’s 2017 special exhibit (Canadian Photography 1960-2000) and learn how archivists preserve Canada’s social and historical record through photographs.  Attendees will also be invited to a special June 29th reception at Library and Archives Canada.

Bringing the conference to an unforgettable conclusion – and setting the mood for Canada Day’s huge 150th anniversary celebration the next day – is “Canada Wild”, marrying spectacular images with a quintet playing original music.

Beyond its offering of presentations and tours, the conference is your opportunity to meet other serious photographers like yourself from across the country for stimulating exchanges of ideas and future friendships. Those who have attended past conferences know you’ll have a ton of fun and come away with a head full of fresh ideas and inspiring images.

Act Now: Organizers stress that, with all that is happening in Ottawa this summer, it is best to move fast to book travel, registration and accommodation. Hotel accommodation elsewhere in Ottawa has been sold out for months; however, a small number of well-priced rooms remain at the Algonquin College residence, but you must be willing to share the two-room suite with another attendee.

Register now and get ready to “Come for the Conference, and Stay for the Celebration”.

Learn more by visiting the conference website: www.ccc2017.ca.

Conference Pricing  

Full conference: $360 + HST for CAPA Members – $395 + HST for Non CAPA Members
1-Day attendance (June 28, 29 or 30; each includes attendance at Canada Wild):  $150 + HST




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