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Digital Imaging Circuits

Denise is unable to contribute this month


Returning in April

Black Eyed Susans

I took this image on a foggy day at the cemetery.

The images displayed in this section were created by members of CAPA’s Digital Imaging Circuit. They are presented for circuit members to […]

Find out how you, as a CAPA member is good standing, can submit your images and get valuable feedback […]

Taken in the Chilcotin on a very cold day,


On Vacation


I attempted to show the painter in the midst of her painting,

this month I was working on an image for Altered Reality,

Out on the West Coast we have “enjoyed” cold weather

I looked out my bedroom window and saw this magical day of frost

Leonie is onvacation

Eric will Return.

An after dark view, taken at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton