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Past Issues

The spring issue should be in our member’s hands by now. Canadian Camera is a publication of CAPA. Please read Dave Brosha’s article A Walk in the Woods. This awesome cover shot is by Dave Brosha.

Cover shot – Alaska Brown Bear by Hendrik Nilsson. Read our feature article Winter Wildlife by Hendrik Nilsson.    

                  Please read our feature article: Getting Great Images where you Live by Rick Hulbert To view the complete fall issue of Canadian Camera you must be a CAPA member and logged into the Members Only area of the website Complete Online Fall Issue Canadian Camera

                                          Editorial by Sheena Macintyre Wilkie www.phototalk.ca Last summer, on a road trip with four CAPA photographers, sitting at a picnic table overlooking the Atlantic, a lively discussion on photography and road trips took place. […]

Feature article – Inspiration by André Gallant

Check the cover page and the table of contents of our latest issue of Canadian Camera Magazine. […]

Explore. Dream. Discover.  By Sheena Wilkie  www.phototalk.ca  Like Jacques in Ontario, we on the west coast are anxious for the arrival of the warm days of spring. It’s been a long, cold winter here as well. It’s that time of year when we dust off the atlas—err, make that Expedia, and make plans for our […]

Kick it up a Notch By Sheena Wilkie www.phototalk.ca  By the time this magazine is in your hands you may well be wearing mittens. Winter in many parts of Canada is a challenge for photographers. Cold or wet weather can put a damper on the most enthusiastic among us.  I hope this issue will show […]

Making it Real by Sheena Wilkie www.phototalk.ca Each month when I was a little girl, we received the National Geographic magazine. And each month, I acquired another animal to be concerned about or another person’s plight to care about. I had never seen a sea turtle, but I cried when I saw a photograph of […]

Share your work, share your beauty By Sheena Wilkie www.phototalk.ca In this issue, you will read Helene Anne’s article “Beauty: The Essence of Life “, in which she speaks about the beauty to be found within and around each of us. We find beauty in different places and in unique ways.  In my case, I’ve […]