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2016 Fall Nature Club Competition

CAPA Fall 2016 Nature Club Competition
Hosted by RA Photo Club of Ottawa; judged Nov 10, 2016
Judges: Robert Laramée, Pierre Gauthier, Rod Trider
26 Clubs entered

Gold – Jiahua Elite Photography Association, Toronto ON
Silver – Trillium Photographic Club, Burlington ON
Bronze – Toronto Camera Club, Toronto ON
HM 4th – Lions Gate Camera Club, Vancouver BC
HM 5th – Richmond Hill Camera Club, Richmond Hill ON
HM 6th – St. Catharines Photography Club, St. Catharines ON
Botany Certificate – Carolina Rojas, Kingston Photographic Club, Kingston ON
1st Certificate of Merit – It’s Mine by Cheng Chang, JEPA, Toronto ON
2nd Certificate of Merit – Destiny by Rebecca Sun, JEPA, Toronto ON
3rd Certificate of Merit – Great Blue Herons by Rob Kline, Richmond Hill Camera Club, Richmond Hill ON

Gold Medal Winner – Jiahua Elite Photography Association
Cheng Chang – It’s Mine 27
Rebecca SunDestiny 26
Sufang Wang – Fishing 24
Yun Wang – Lions Mating 23
Yanchun Wang – Ink Painting Mountain 21
Zhiwen Li – Peaceful 20


Silver Medal Winner – Trillium Photographic Club
Pat Wintemute – Golden Eagle 25
Jeanne Pickles – Female Cardinal 24
Sandy Barbour – Red Fox 2 23
Kathy Ward – Hummer Loves Salvia 23
Jim Thomson – Osprey With Fish 21
Gary Love – Female Red Wing Blackbird 21

NOTE: TIED – Awarded 2nd Place by Judges


Bronze Medal Winner – Toronto Camera Club
Doug Morris – Herron and Catfish 24
Rachel Schneiderman – Female Eastern Bluebird 24
Pat Zuest – Female Grizzly Bear with Salmon 23
Missy Mandel – Great Blue Heron Courtship 23
Roger Leekam – Red Necked Grebes Feeding Chick 23
Linda Rosen – Trillium 20

NOTE: TIED – Awarded 3rd Place by Judges



 Honourable Mention Ribbon 4th Place: Lions Gate Camera Club
Virginia Hayes – Juvenile Female Merganser 23
David Wingate – Siblings 23
Andrew Pugh – Humpback Breaching 23
Roberta Olenick – Northern Pygmy Owl 22
Richard Glass – Grizzly in Fall Colours 20
Murray O\’Neill – Standing Tall 23


Honourable Mention Ribbon 5th Place: Richmond Hill Camera Club
Rob KlineGreat Blue Herons 25.5
Ron Goodlin – Coastal Brown Bear with Salmon 23
Alison Germain – Reddish Egret 22
Nick Tian – An Osprey with its Prey 21
Laurier Thomson – Bluebird 21
Bruce Carmody – European Starling – Sturnus Vulgaris 21
TOTAL 133.5

Honourable Mention Ribbon 6th Place: St. Catherines Photography Club

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