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CAPA Fall 2015 Print Competition – Club Results

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CAPA Club Competition

Competition Title: CAPA Fall Print Club Competition

Division (Digital/Film/Print): Print

Host Club Name, City, Province: Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS

Competition Closing Date: October 30, 2015

Number of Entrants: 10 

Gold Certificate

London Camera Club, London, Ontario

Dan Lavery The Hedges 24
Sherry Butts Green Violet Ear Hummingbird 25
Bruce Laing Nuremberg 21
Bill Boswell Snowy Owl 26
Susan Southen Rainy Day River Crossing 21
Ted Lo Battling the Waves 23

Total Score      140

Silver Certificate

Cowichan Valley Camera Club, Coquitlam, BC

Lois De Ell Grey sky on the Canal 21
Dianna Peglar Mill Bay Stone Bridge 22
John Dufton First Sign of Spring 24
Wendy Carey Flicker 24
Barry Hetschko Osprey Perch 24
Cim MacDonald The Jump 24

Total Score      139

Bronze Certificate

Crossroads Camera Club, Edmonton, AB

Jim Gaa Walkway 24
Bob Royer Wall 23
Sheila Holzer In The Boat Shed 21
Wendy Royer Dancing Cranes 25
Jim Ainslie Headlights 24
Hq Ly Experience Music Project Building 21

Total Score      138


Honour Award , next highest scoring Clubs (sum of 6 scores)

4th The Darkroom Group Coquitlam, BC 137

Certificates of Merit
(3 highest scoring images in this competition):

1st Bill Boswell London Camera Club Snowy Owl 26
2nd Sherry Butts London Camera Club Green Violet Ear Hummingbird 25
3rd 3rd Viki Gaul Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia Thoughtful Orangutan 25



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