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CAPA Exhibitions & Medals

Exhibition Standards

View and/or download our Exhibition and Competition Standards (PDF).

CAPA Certificate Application

CAPA certificates are awarded to individuals, clubs or groups by the Board of Directors for service or contributions to the Association or for membership in the Association.

The Certificate of Appreciation is available for contributions to the Association.
The Certificate of Membership is available for businesses and may be requested by individuals.
The Certificate of Recognition is available for a club’s contribution to the art of photography by hosting a college or exhibition.

Please complete a CAPA Certificate Application Form and send it to:

Val Davison, CAPA Honours Committee
(604) 541-0468

Your application form should be received two months prior to the presentation date, if possible.

Click on the links below to view and/or download your application form:

CAPA Medals

Medals for CAPA Member Clubs/Affiliated Organizations

Club Services Medal

CAPA has developed this Award for the exclusive use of CAPA member camera clubs. The CAPA club will recognize one of its club members for outstanding contributions to any field of photography or distinctive services performed for the camera club in the promotion of the Art of Photography through Service, Education, Exhibition and/or Publication. The recipient must be a club member in good standing and have served the club in some capacity for a minimum of three years.

pic of capa club services medal

Exhibition Standards Medals for CAPA-Recognized Photographic Exhibitions/Competitions

Excellence in Photography Medal

This award is available to CAPA clubs or organizations affiliated with CAPA for photographer of the year, highest aggregate score, best of show, high-scoring participation in other regional or national exhibitions/competitions or CAPA competitions.

pic of capa excellence in photography medal

CAPA Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are awarded to the following exhibitions/competitions: International, National, CAPA Canadian Camera Conference, CAPA Zones and Provincial or large Regional Exhibitions.

Any other award designation than those mentioned below must receive prior application and approval from CAPA Exhibition Standards in consultation with CAPA’s President or Vice-President or their designate. Review CAPA’s document for Exhibition and Competition Standards (PDF).

These medals may be ordered using:

Gold medal

CAPA’s Gold Medal may be awarded as 1st Place, Best Entry, Best of Show, Highest Aggregate, and/or Best Contemporary (as defined by the exhibition or competition organizers).

Silver medal

CAPA’s Silver Medal may be awarded 2nd place in conjunction with the CAPA Gold (1st Place) and CAPA Bronze (3rd Place) medals.

Bronze medal

CAPA’s Bronze Medal may be awarded 3rd place in conjunction with the CAPA Gold (1st Place) and CAPA Silver (2nd Place) medals.

pic of capa bronze medal

After your exhibition or competition using the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, please complete a Competition/Exhibition Report (DOC) for CAPA.

Any photographic exhibition or salon wishing recognition from the Canadian Association for Photographic Art must comply with the guidelines set out by CAPA Exhibition Standards.

Please complete the CAPA Medals Application Form (sections A, B, C,) and forward it to:

Carol Coleman, Exhibition Standards Chair
623 East Kings Road
North Vancouver, BC V7N 1J6
(604) 988-4332

Application forms should be received two months prior to the presentation date, if possible.

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