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CAPA 2016 Themed Competition – Creating Motion in a Still Image – Club Results

Link to Spreadsheet Scores
Hosted by the Abbotsford Photo Arts Club, Abbotsford BC
Statistics: Number of Clubs: 20
Number of Entries: 120

GOLD – London Camera Club – 143 points

Bill Boswell Liquid Heart 27
Steve Donnelly The Leap 26
Paul Armstrong Eagle Hunter with Horse 25
Rita Vilis Oh for the Thrill 23
Mary Chambers The Dive 21
Gary Molenkamp Bi-Plane 21

SILVER – Richmond Hill Camera Club – 139 points

Luba Citrin Eagle Skimming the Water 26
Rhonda Starr Ribbon Dance 25
Dorothy Chan Motocross 24
Bruce Carmody Carmody at the Rodeo 22
Lance Gitter Snowbirds 22
Chuck Rowe Injured Bronco Rider 20

BRONZE – Central Okanagan Photographic Society – 137 points

Dawn Meier Milk and Cookies 26
RON PEACE Parker 425 26
Joan Dolson Happy Cyclist 23
Cheryl Bramble Needle Motion 21
BEV HAMILTON Tunnel Vision 20
Carly Slater Inner Demons 21

HM- Kamloops Photo Arts (4th) – 136 points

Norm Dougan Fighting Sharptails 26
Frank Dwyer Speeding Coaster 23
Bryan Hunt Full speed 23
Chris Steeves McGillvrayFalls 22
Bob McCuaig Buckle up, nuckle down 21
Jim Wolf Orange humming bird 21

HM – Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia (5th) – 134 points

Mervyn Kumar-Misir Wind And The Stream 26
Joyce S. K. Chew Tate Enters Home Stretch 23
Nick Honig Magnificent Hummingbird 23
Darryl Robertson Terence Bay Rocks 23
Laszlo Podor Gooseneck Dance 22
Ken Renton Holding Hands 17

Certificates of Merit

1st Bela Acs Trillium Photographic club 27
2nd Bill Boswell London Camera Club 27
3rd Lois Burton Victorial Camera Club 26
HM 4th Mervyn Kumar-Misir Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia 26
HM 5th Norman Dougan Kamloops Photo Arts Club 26


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