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CAPA 2016 Spring Wildlife Club Competition Results

2016 Spring Wildlife – CLUB

Click here for score sheet

Hosted by the Calgary Camera Club, Calgary AB

Congratulations to the winning clubs:

GOLD – London Camera Club, London ON

SILVER – Victoria Camera Club, Victoria BC

BRONZE – Lions Gate Camera Club, Vancouver, BC


Number of Clubs: 24

Number of Entries: 143
Number of Botany images: 4

Judged April 15, 2016

Judges: Joe Harley, Peter Brown, David Ingoe


Tie Breakers were required for Top Three Places


Gold Certificate
London Camera Club,London ON
Bill Boswell Egret 25.0
Marion Buccella Hoverfly 26.0
Mary Cambers Sunset Lake Kariba 25.0
Gary Jeffery Plucked 24.0
Don Rycroft Pine Martin 23.0
Diane Weiler Penguins 26.0
Total Score 149.0
Silver Certificate
Victoria Camera Club,Victoria BC
Lois Burton Black Bear 26.0
Carrie Cole Dreamy 25.0
Leah Gray Rainforest of the Ocean 26.0
Susanne Huot Baboon Mother Love 26.0
Don Peterson The Otter Family 23.0
Mike Wooding Clay Colored Thrush 23.0
Total Score 149.0
Bronze Certificate
Lions Gate Camera Club, Vancouver BC
Allen Bargen Newborn Calf 25.0
Virginia Hayes Female Wood Duck Preening 26.0
John Lowman Caspian Tern Landing Approach 22.0
Murray O’Neill Looking Back 22.0
Roberta Olenick One Eye 27.0
David Wingate Marbled Godwit Landing 27.0
Total Score 149.0
Honour Awards
4th Etobicoke Camera Club Etobicoke ON 148.0
5th Richmond Hill Camera Club Richmond Hill ON 146.0
Botany (Nature) Award
Judy Berthman, Manitoba Camera Club Prairie Crocus Trio 23.0
Certificates of Merit
1st Dianna Pawlik, Foothills CC, Calgary AB Grizzly 27.0
2nd Larry McCarthy, Etobicoke CC, Etobicoke ON Red Tail Capture 27.0
3rd David Wingate, Lions Gate CC, Vancouver BC Marbled Godwit Landing 27.0


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