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4 Nations Inter-Society Digital Projected Image Competition 2015

The 4 Nations competing in this friendly competitions are:  

Photographic Society of South Africa, Australian Photographic Society, 
Photographic Society of New Zealand and Canadian Association for Photographic Art 

Audio visual Shows to be available – date to be determined

2015 – Final 4-Nations Results



Please click on this link to view the image titles and the CAPA members name of images selected and entered into the 4-Nation 2015 competition

 Individual Awards Received As Follows:

Henrik Nilsson placed 2nd overall in Nature division – “Good Days Bad Days
Brian Asmussen placed 2nd overall in Open division – “Ball Bobbing
Mark Sippola placed 3rd overall in the Monochrome division – “Vatnojokull Glacier
Ann Alimi received an Honourable Mention in the Monochrome division for her image – “Body Expression
Gary Cotter received an Honourable Mention in the Open division for his image – “Floating On Air” 

Below are the results from previous years: 

 2014 – Final 4-Nations Results.  


      4- NATIONS TROPHY – 2013 overall Winner – (South Africa)  

      4 – NATIONS MEDALS were awarded as follows…

       A.  OPEN – “Apassionata“ – Derek Galon – (Canada)

       B.  MONOCHROME – “Shark Patterns” – Janine Walters  –  (Australia)

       C.  NATURE – “Cape Fur Seal“ Dudley Kelbe – (South Africa)

       D. OUR COUNTRY – “ My Country” – Heinrich Albrecht – (South Africa)

Certificates of Merit

Open Category

“View to Eternity” – Franz Jesche –  (South Africa)

“Power L” – Martin Barber – (South Africa)

“View from Rialto Bridge Venice” – Roger Wandless – (New Zealand)

Monochrome Category

“Holding Back Time” – Yvonne Hill – (Australia)

“Urban Fighter 2″ – Dean Fearn – (New Zealand)

“Charming Lady” – Lai Yon – (Australia)

“Princes Pier Pylons” – Mieke Boynton – (Australia)

Nature Category

“Aurora Borealis” – Helena Gratkowski – (New Zealand)

“Tasting” – Martilie Weideman – (South Africa)

“Spear Fishing – Johan Coetzee – (South Africa)

“Red Fox Chasing Vixen” – Roy Killen – (Australia)

Our Country Category

“Whipping Up Steam” – Anne d’Oliveira – (South Africa)

“New Zealand Classic Holiday” – Ron Willems – (New Zealand)

“True Blue” – Graeme Watson – (Australia)

“Kommetjie Lighthouse Dusk” – Francois Haarhof – (South Africa)

Here is the list of finalists selected for competition. Results will be announced by June 2014.

Country Number Photographer’s Name Title Category


Canada 1 Jim Hatch Our Brave Brave Men Our Country 9  
Canada 2 Bruce Gunion Rail Fence In Winter Our Country  
Canada 3 Bill Browning 1812 Read Coat Musket Our Country  
Canada 4 Toni Browning Rocky Mountain Rainbow Our Country  
Canada 5 Carol Rusinek Aurora Our Country  
Canada 6 Carol Coleman West Coast Rainforest Our Country  
Canada 7 Jim Lait Georgain Bay Our Country  
Canada 8 Wendy Royer Ice Sculpture Our Country  
Canada 9 Bob Steventon River Road & Rail Our Country  
Canada 10 Rita Vilis Point Peele Our Country  
Canada 11 Bill Anderson White Rock Pier Our Country  
Canada 12 Robert Casement Beachy Point Our Country 10   
Canada 13 Kristine Casement Peak 2 Peak Panorama Our Country  
Canada 14 Natalie Coates Blue Hill Dreams Vancouver Our Country  
Canada 15 Andrzej Pradzynski Got Up Our Country  
Canada 16 Heather Bashow Eastern Blue Jay Nature 8  
Canada 17 Virginia Sranaghan American Bald Eagle Nature  
Canada 18 Peter Ferguson Head or Tails Nature  
Canada 19 Mike Wooding Saffron-winged Meadowhawks Nature  
Canada 20 Brian Hay Humpback Whale Nature  
Canada 21 Mankay Koon Half Life Nature  
Canada 22 Garry Kirsch Eastern Bluebirds Nature  
Canada 23 Bob Hawkins Winter Robin Feeding Nature  
Canada 24 Robert Parker The Capture Nature 11   
Canada 25 Dave Evans Snowy Owl Nature  
Canada 26 Mark Helm Marmolade Hoverfly Nature  
Canada 27 Marlene Hornstein Roseate Spoonbill in Breading Plumage Nature 11   
Canada 28 Bill Bickle Grizzly Grazing Nature  
Canada 29 Jason Duncan Aurora Over Iceland Nature 11   
Canada 30 Viki Gaul Egret with Delicte Branch


Canada 31 Maggie Sale Abandoned Farmhouse Monochrome 8  
Canada 32 Rob Martel OAK Alley Monochrome  
Canada 33 David Laronde Two Dancers Leaping Monochrome  
Canada 34 Joyce DeMeester Tired Monochrome 8  
Canada 35 Gail Douglas Lost Legacy Monochrome 5  
Canada 36 Ken Fuller Tree Alone Monochrome 5  
Canada 37 Nigel Fletcher Dune Trekkers Monochrome 8  
Canada 38 Michael Breakey Brandy Monochrome 5  
Canada 39 Nicole Couture-Lord Winter Scene Monochrome  
Canada 40 Paul Armstrong Old House Monochrome 7  
Canada 41 Jean-Marc Beaudoin Wellington Train Station Monochrome 5  
Canada 42 Glen Jones Up the Down Staircase Monochrome  
Canada 43 Bob Royer Mountain Storm Monochrome  
Canada 44 Finoa Green Hold Vision Trust Process Monochrome  
Canada 45 Dennis Martin Toronto in the Morning


Canada 46 Mary Gilmour Anemonie Canadensis Open 11  
Canada 47 Jt Tse Lonely Open  
Canada 48 Ray Goddard Prairie Badger Open  
Canada 49 Keith Vaughan High Jump Open  
Canada 50 Rick Shapka Rolling Hills Open  
Canada 51 Derek Galon Apassionata Open  12   Gold
Canada 52 Sandra Hawkins Dubrovnik Rainy Day Open  
Canada 53 Bill DeMeester Speed Boat Open  
Canada 54 Derek Hayes Granville Bridge Vancouver Before Sunrise Open  
Canada 55 Rolly Astrom Old Soul Open  
Canada 56 Bob Walling Cedar Glade Open  
Canada 57 Bill Bowsell Kelsi The Dancer Open  
Canada 58 Mary Chambers Yellow Mountain Vista Open  
Canada 59 Steve Donnelly Icelandic Harbour Open  
Canada 60 Ursula Easterbrook Fundy Sunset Curve Open  
Canada 61 John Pingree Mirkwood Open  
Canada 62 Dan Jones Wein Nautilus Shells Open  
Canada 63 Theodore Lo Yao Weaver Open  
Canada 64 Lauren Nicholl After The Storm Open  
Canada 65 Jennifer Lamb Mercury Open  
Canada 66 Sharon Shales Old Maasai Open  
Canada 67 Joyce Chew Caught Off Guard Open  
Canada 68 Bill Anderson Fort Langley Trapper Open  
Canada 69 Tom Stephens San Miguel #7 Open  
Canada 70 Kelly Pape Charging Horses Open  
Canada 71 Bev McConnell The Mountain Ride Open  
Canada 72 Mimi Lo Sunrise on Li River Open  
Canada 73 Marion McCristall Afternoon Glow in Tuscany Open  
Canada 74 Janusz Leszczynski Double Arch After Sunset Open  
Canada 75 Bill Niessen Dancer In Motion Open  
Canada 76 Neil le Noble Sunrise on the Fraser Open  
Canada 77 Wayne Elliott Prelude to Murder Open  
Canada 78 Cathy Swain Bauhinia Tress Open  
Canada 79 Allen Bargan Whippet Flight Open  
Canada 80 Bob Melynk Winter Shoreline Open  



2014 – Individual AV Shows for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are available from the CAPA Librarian via email. contact library@capacanada.ca for the files.

 2012 – Final 4-Nations Results.  Individual AV Shows for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are available from the CAPA Librarian via email. contact library@capacanada.ca for the files.

       4- NATIONS TROPHY – 2012 overall WinnerNew Zealand

      4 – NATIONS MEDALS were awarded as follows…

       A.  OPEN “Crazy Horse “ – Joseph Tam ( Australia )

       B.  MONOCHROME “Yacht Race” – Doug Moulin ( New Zealand)

       C.  NATURE “Lesser Long Nosed Bat on Agave Flower “ Roberta Olenick (Canada)

       D. OUR COUNTRY – “ Langeberg Sunset” – Chris Daley ( South Africa)

 4 NATIONS CERTIFICATES ( runners –up )


“Tile Tales” – Derek Galon ( Canada)

“The Neighbourhood Watcher” – Vicki Slade ( New Zealand)

“ Airborne” – Fanie Haymans ( South Africa)


“Windswept” – Mieke Boyton ( Australia)

 “Child of Kiberra” – Ann Alimi ( Canada)

 “David” – Stander ( South Africa)


“ Ants Milking 1680” – Newville Foster ( Australia)

“ Pentatomoidea” Irene Buchan ( New Zealand)

“Safety in Legs”- Valmaile Grange ( South Africa)


“ 321 Ignition of Course” – Ann Smallegange ( Australia)

“ Mormon Row” – Phil Dwyer ( Canada)

“ Sun Setting on the Hawkduns” – Shona Jaray (New Zealand)

  Individual results for Canada are as follows

2010 – 4 Nations competition – Final results

The results and images are in for this friendly competition between the National Photographic societies of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. Image sets and scores for each society and image are now available for downloading from our FTP site. Individual members and clubs will receive an email with instructions for downloading. You may also visit the CAPA Forum and go to the International News Section for instructions to retrieve the files. Congratulations go out to South Africa who is the 2010 winner with the highest total score for their 100 outstanding entries.


2009 – 4 Nations competition – Final results 

The results and images for the 2009 4 Nations competition are now available for CAPA clubs who would like to see the amazing images entered by Photographic Societies in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Each country’s entries are viewable in self running exe files. Clubs may request a copy of the files from the email address below.

Please send a request for the images to president@capacanada.ca



































































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